Non – Verbal Attraction


The music is pumping through the subwoofers in the backseat of your vehicle. “Upbeat Radio” blasts your favorite song; you rock your head back and forth with classic, reflective Aviators. You’re driving to pick up your girlfriend, her tone sounded “off” on the phone. Your girlfriend gets into the car and instantly you can sense something’s up. Her silence speaks volumes as she looks straight forward; avoiding any possibility of eye contact.

You: What’s wrong?

Girl: Nothing.

You: No really, something’s up. What is it?

Girl: Nothing, don’t worry about it.

No matter WHAT the words from her mouth say, you know something’s wrong. Her refusal to make eye contact compiled with her lack of words sent more of a message than anything she tried to say to you EVER would. You knew, just by looking at her, without her saying a WORD that something was wrong with her.

How is this relevant to attracting women? This illustrates the importance of our NON – VERBAL communication.

Human beings have an exceptional “hidden” talent in the form of “Social Vibing”. This means that we have a great understanding of the vibes that people emulate with their subconscious actions. Without raised awareness, actions outside of people’s conscious control include vocal tonality, communicated body language and the strength of eye contact.

93% of Messages Being sent in a Social Interaction is Non – Verbal

People who first get into the science of attracting women are always looking for the “best line,” to say. People tend to endlessly search dating forums for lines they can use, routines they can run, tricks they can learn.

The funniest part about the whole situation is what they’re searching for is only 7% of the communication between a man and a woman. Where does the other 93% lie? It lies in the messages your body sends in the power of Body Language, it starts at the belief behind your words communicated through your Vocal Tonality..

Sub-communicated messages are MUCH more important than consciously communicated messages. You can tell your mom you HATE her cooking, or you can cook yourself or suggest ordering in. You’re SUB COMMUNICATING that you don’t want to eat her food without actually saying “Hey mom, your food sucks.” The SAME MESSAGE with DIFFERENT METHODS. Sub-communication is key to social influence. It is also something that most of our society is ignorant to the understanding that you CAN send the messages you WANT to send with conscious control over subconscious actions.

The key with sub-communication is that it reveals REAL intent. It’s important to be a happy person because people will SENSE the person that exists behind the words you speak.

Once you start understanding that sub communication is key, you’ll begin to notice sub – communicated messages sent between people. Ever been in a conversation with two female best friends? Good luck keeping up. Their sub-communications have grown to be SO in sync that they could probably stay in a room for an entire hour, without saying a word, and communicate EFFECTIVELY non – verbally.
Sub-communication is important. It is extremely important. It is 93% more effective than using your mouth. Sub – Communication comes in two forms, creating a third. Body Language, vocal tonality together create the VIBE you emulate.

Sending the Right Message; the Key to Social Influence

Accessing sub – communications is accessing the deepest parts of yourself; exposing your true intent. If accessing sub-communications is accessing exposure it is OBVIOUS why happiness is an attraction switch. If you can SUB – COMMUNICATE that you’re happy, it is much more effective than SAYING “I’m happy”. People can’t help but be drawn into your positive reality.

This world is packed full of negativity. It’s everywhere. If you were to sit down, in your computer chair, reading this post and just sit here for the next week… where would your life go? How would your life change? Would your life take an upwards direction OR would it start to spin into a downward spiral? The truth is that your friends would start dropping away from you, your bills would begin to pile up, and your health would take a hit. This world is FULL of negativity; and it will consume you if you let it. Being a positive being is taking consistent action. It is calling your friends to maintain that connection, it is getting up and showering every morning, it is taking action towards GIVING YOURSELF THE OPPORTUNITY to approach and attract beautiful women. Being positive is consistently working to break free from the negative this world so readily offers.

Happiness is one of the most influential attraction switches because people have a HARD time turning down positive vibes. People are, in general, susceptible to your reality if YOU are controlling it. What does this mean? Being a happy, positive person who only sees the world from a positive perspective will allow people who you interact with to sense that rare quality. If YOU are in control of the vibes you give off through the power of sub-communication, you can begin to send positive messages people will have a hard time turning away. This will allow them to be happy and receptive to your presence. The people who aren’t happy and receptive to your presence? They’re not people you’d want in your positive life anyways.

The contrast to that; if you are a negative, un – ambitions person that is TRYING to have a good time, but lack the ability to live in the PRESENT MOMENT, people will sense this mundane way of thinking and reject your presence.

Happiness is an attraction switch because POSITIVTY ENCOURAGES ATTRACTION.

Being a positive person will attract people into your reality. It’s easy to escape their own reality for awhile to be drawn into the reality of a positive person, on the DOWNSIDE. The upside is that when you are a positive person, and you find ANOTHER human being who has a positive reality, real happiness grows together. This comes in the form of genuine friendships, REAL relationships, and excellent business partnerships.

Build the foundation for your house BEFORE you focus on what you think the color of the walls should be. DEVELOP yourself into a happy person who people will want to be around. If people want to be around you, it’s easy to learn how to attract them; there will be so much more opportunity to practice your new – found social insights. Only then can you start to develop your style, your rhythm, your NATURAL method of creating options for yourself.


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  1. Very true what’s been said above! Being a positive sets everything on a huge positive feedback to your life. People that are around you – seeing you being happy and enjoying life is something that you got or not, its really up to YOU to change for the BEST and POSITIVE!

    You don’t want a negativity to come to you in anyway – even if it does, there’re different ways to get that out of your system; such as: Listening to some nice enjoyable tunes, watching a comedy, go out where people, go outside and think about how life is a one time thing and how adorable its looking. 😉

    Thanks Brian! Good work!

  2. I like what you said on the last paragraph, and it’s very true. You can rid yourself of negativity at ANY moment, and you’ll notice that when you focus on positivity that the world will give you more of it..Simply by focusing on that which you want, positivity. You need to find out what works for you though and what makes you shift your mood to positive.

  3. Exactly Brian!
    And, I agree with what you had to say about the Body Language Body. It tells mostly everything you have to know without figuring out what he or she hiding with his or her words!

  4. “The people who aren’t happy and receptive to your presence? They’re not people you’d want in your positive life anyways.”

    True..We really have to remove them form our lives to grow 🙂

  5. @ Max – Thanks for commenting here! Check out a book called “The definitive book of body language.” It’s great.

    @ Kevin – You are a product of your environment. Your environment either shapes you or you shape IT! Thanks for commenting on this article. It means a lot that you’ve been checking out various articles. Shoot me an email:

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