I’m Too Good Already.

Your attitude towards any area of your life, is going to be the same one you’ll have in all areas.

Saying “Life is short,” is a relative term you know? You’re only here for so long. If you’re single and not actively taking actions towards getting the girl you really want, you’ll have a lot of missed and forgotten opportunities.

Guess what? You can’t have those back dude!

Meeting attractive girls that you sincerely want to be part of your life is a skill set. It’s true that some guys develop it naturally and have it easier for them. On the other hand, some guys do have to work for it. Either way, having tight social skills come with a massive learning curve which is well outside your comfort zone. If not, you would already have a smoke show for a girlfriend. There’s no way you should be allowing yourself to be comfortable if you don’t have everything you want. When you desire anything bad enough, you’re going to have to pay your dues. Unreasonable results demand something equally as unreasonable.

Accept the process for what it is, bro. You’re going to have good nights when you’re just kicking ass and every thing you say is smooth as fuck. You’re also going to have nights where you just get blown out every single time. Your learning and journey is your personal responsibility. Take both experiences as feed back. Be diligent and persistent. Even if you’re growing everyday by a small percent, it’s only a matter of time until you get the results you want as long as you’re heading towards your direction with purpose.

Create a vision in your mind of what kind of girl you want.

miranda kerr

Got it?

Now ask yourself what kind of actions do you have to take to be the kind of man you have to be. To be good with girls, you have to be good with people in general. If you do this, it will make sense for you to have her. When you meet the girl that could’ve been the mother of your children, how are you convey to her to be with you if you don’t know who you are at your deepest core to begin with? The mental rules you’ve set for yourself will determine your perception of how the world works. Your mindset is how you filter out information. This generates your response and actions toward others. In my opinion, the most important decision you’re going to make is who to spend the rest of your life with. That said, you can’t leave this one to chance, bro.

Be selective of how you spend your time and energy, then interact with the world with that screening process in mind.

Have that mindset that you’re always going to grow. Let go of the “I’m already good with girls.” ego bro. Take responsibility for all your actions; both positive and negative. By doing this, you’ll expand your reference library. Don’t just settle for the next pretty girl that will have you. A “She’s good enough.” attitude isn’t good enough. No man, that just won’t do. A girl’s attractiveness is not everything.

There has to be more than her external looks if you’re going to put up with her for years and years.

If you’re taking more actions than the average person, then you have to be much less concerned of what the average person thinks of you. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations and trust that you’ll be okay. Nothing awful is going to happen to you nowadays okay? Your worse case scenario isn’t really all that bad. If you behave like everybody else, then you’ll get the same average results.



  1. I like this article because it is not filled with new age hokum. You’ve done a great job laying out what could be considered reasonable expectations for anyone looking to improve their life in a logical manner. Keep up this style of writing!

  2. Hey thanks for the comment Joshua. This is something that I’ve been trying to learn consistently is to always be a student. Everything that I’ve done this far will be negated if I don’t keep taking actions to better myself and learn. I’m always going to be a work in progress, never a finish product.

  3. Well said, Myke. I believe everyone got a reason to keep going after something they always want to go into depth to. Keep studying and keep learning is the best way to put it, good day is a good day with lots of thoughts in your mind and as well as bad day can be turned into a good day or keep going with a bad day and still keep thinking about things that come to you.

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