HUGE NEWS: Baby on the Way!!!

Good morning!

How has your week been so far?

Mine has been pretty fccukkkin awesome.

On Saturday I got news from a student I taught in Spring 2010 that him and his long-term girlfriend are expecting! This will be the first of my students to take that step.

To say I’m ecstatic about this news would be an understatement.

When a student improves and experiences success, it reaffirms that you, as a teacher, are doing your job. It re-assures that what you are doing is right, what you are doing is working. This feeeels goooooood.

I always tell people that the only reason I teach is because my students actually improve. If what I am teaching was not working, I would stop and go do something else. Kevin and I take our roles as teachers very seriously.

Our core teaching philosophy is this:

“There is no such thing as an inflexible student, only an inflexible teacher.”

It is your job as a teacher to TEACH your students. In my opinion this is a major failure in our current educational system. Teachers aren’t actually teaching each individual, they are just lecturing a curriculum to their audience, and even though the curriculum may be good (that is also up for debate), it doesn’t matter what the quality of a curriculum is if people aren’t actually learning it.

Everybody learns differently. So a teacher has to be flexible. It’s not your job as a student to learn. It’s my job as a teacher to teach you.

As a student all I need from you is to show up and put in a solid effort. I will do the rest. I will figure out how to make sure you leave with an in-depth understanding of the material we discussed. I will figure out what motivates you and how we can create a system that works for you* to be able to implement my teachings into your life.

Not the other way around.

Since one of my core values is to only teach material that works, I go through a constant internal analysis on whether I should continue to teach or not. For the last 4 years that answer has been that absolutely I should continue to teach, so I have.

And as my students continue to see success, the validation I need to continue grows stronger.

But one piece of the puzzle was always missing, and this legitimately stressed me out: I never had the validation I needed on the ultimate goal.

What is the Ultimate Goal?

The ultimate goal with everything I teach is “to live the life you want to live.”

For 99% of people (including yours truly), marriage will be a big part of that.

But since I’m not married, I couldn’t know if what I taught actually worked to get you to that point. On paper it definitely looked like it would, but everybody knows how something looks on paper isn’t the be-all end-all.

It was hard to shake that seed of doubt in my head: Does this ACTUALLY work?

This was until a few months ago when one of my old “wingmen” got engaged to a beautiful girl who I think is coolasfuck. They are definitely extremely happy and meant to be together.

This helped push that seed of doubt out of my head. The process worked for him, so it clearly does work. There was only one problem: I never officially worked with this guy. He was just a friend who was also involved in learning pickup and social dynamics back in the day. We would talk on the phone and go on double dates together, but he learned a lot on his own.

So on Saturday when I heard that one of my actual students was having a baby with his long-term girlfriend, that seed of doubt was gone.

Someone who actually took the Kingpin Social Bootcamp is now on the path to starting a family. He has reached the ultimate goal, and with it I receive the ultimate validation as a teacher of social dynamics. What I teach actually works, 110 mutha fuckin’ percent.**

What You Need To Know

Pickup is just a platform. Everything you learn through your involvement in pickup can be learned in other ways. There is no doubt about that.

Pickup is just a very good platform to learn things like: confidence, self-esteem, networking, body language, vocal tonality, vocal projection, being internally validated, screening, learning how to depend on yourself only and nobody else, pushing your comfort zone, facing your fears, becoming positive, destroying anxiety and stress in your life, basic & advanced social skills, etc etc.

Think About This:

If you woke up one day and realized you weren’t as confident as you wanted to be, how would you go about fixing that? Most people would have no fackin’ clue. Or maybe they want better social skills. But how do you improve those? It’s tough!

So they start googling around and eventually stumble upon the pickup community. And as they get more and more involved, they learn – they improve.

Now, as I’ve talked about before, the pickup platform is flawed, so you should choose to study social dynamics instead.

Other than being a platform that focuses on giving value instead of taking it, social dynamics also cultivates one mindset that I believe truly separates you from the average person:

As a student of social dynamics you cultivate the mindset that everything is an opportunity to learn, everything is an opportunity to grow.

“It’s not failure it’s feedback.”

This mindset helps you develop that infectious enthusiasm for positivity. When you no longer look at anything as a negative (failure) and instead look at everything as an opportunity to learn and grow, you can’t help but have an intense amount of positivity. And then want to share that with the world.

“Every day in every way I keep getting better and better” or as my boy Myke has tattooed across his chest “Better than yesterday.”

It’s time for you to get involved in social dynamics. It’s time for you to take the leap. It’s time to start taking action. This platform does actually work; my friends and students getting married is proof of that. I bet if you asked them whether or not their involvement in social dynamics played a crucial part in them getting to where they are today, they would say yes. It makes that much of a difference.

So hit me up. Comment on this post, add me to Facebook, follow me on twitter, whatever medium floats your boat. There are no strings attached, we are just here to help.

Get Involved. It Just Makes Sense.

PS. Share this with your friends, maybe it helps them get involved too!

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  1. Being a positive, social man you are helps you to reach the connections you want and when ever you want. I believe its a proven fact. If I am wrong, please point it out!

  2. The world is a social place. Developing your social skills only makes sense if you want to be successful in this world. 🙂

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