Embrace the Power of Your Beliefs

You’ve been reading up on our articles, hey. They’ve got some life changing stuff, and I can tell you right now that the things we’re writing about are changing our lives, very quickly.

I used to think that there was a ceiling on my success. I used to think that there would only be certain people that would respond to me, that I could only be as good as my skill set allowed me to be.

I lay in bed last night thinking about my life. I was stoned for the first time in a month, and I had some life – changing realizations. I haven’t been smoking weed for the past month, because I want access to the next level perspective without Marijuana. Mary Jane gave me a life changing epiphany, last night though.

Why do we strive for more? Why do I strive for more? I want to be able to do what I want with my life, and I want to get paid to do what I want. I don’t want to be in the category of the world that exists to live, only to pay the bills and live with moderate luxury.  I want my happiness to lay in creation, I want my passion to be in the work I put forth into the world. I can’t be passionate building someone elses dream, I can only be passionate building my own.

“I never went to Post – Secondary. How will I ever be a published author?” I ask myself.

The day I started writing, I didn’t start writing because I wanted to be a published author. If this were the case, I probably would have given up a long time ago. I started writing with my free time because I wanted to something other than waste my time watching the Media. I’d rather spend my time participating in my life, than spectating the life of another.

“I love Jersey Shore!!..”

Once you begin to take yourself seriously, and spend your free time doing things that you love to do… the light begins to  turn on. People admire you for what you’re doing, simply because they do not believe it to be possible in their own reality.

I decided, one day, after countless hours of practice in my skill, that I wanted to be an author. I wanted to be a writer. Last night though, I began to have doubts.

“When I submit my book to be published, my credentials are going to be fucked, so I’m probably not going to get it published.”

Then I chose to spend my mental energy on how I could do it, instead of worrying about the possibility of failure.

That’s when I came to my realization. If I were to believe that when I submitted my book to be published, that it wouldn’t be taken seriously, than it wouldn’t. I’ve already put that mental block on myself because of my credentials, and that mental block would have come true. I wouldn’t have acted in a way that would have made it successful. My beliefs are the cause of my actions. Because if I were to submit it to be published right away, it wouldn’t have happened.

Social Dynamics tells you that there’s another way, though. Social Dynamics tells you to use your network, to understand that people are options and that these options are right in front of your face; only if you give them value first.

Free Value

I plan to release my book in the middle of Septemberv **(CHECK FOR INFO BELOW)**, and I’m not submitting it to be published. I’m going to release it, and show the world how they can change their perspective on life; thus changing their life. The book will reveal most of the secrets of the Social world that we live in today, and how you can use those secrets to engineer an enriched lifestyle. I want to develop a relationship with my readers, so I’m going to release my book for free, and they’ll read it. Social Dynamics in action.

Life just is, we’re just here. What you choose to make out of your life, how you choose to see it, is how it will play out for you. If you choose to have a victim mentality, than bad things will happen to you. If you choose to see the good in that which is, you will get more of that good.

Life just is.

Your perception is what makes it positive, or negative.

As I remove all of the limitations I set on myself, I begin to have access to the actions that are as unlimited as my mind without limitation. Getting my book published right away probably isn’t the best idea, but if I make a difference to the people around me, the people that mean  the most to me and then I submit my book to be published, that’s a different story.

Remove the limitations you set on yourself to live an average life, and choose to do something that you love to do. Anything is possible, and there is always a way to make something work. Sometimes that way is crystal clear, and your ego won’t let you take it because it seems “too good to be true,” and sometimes that way is cleverly disguised as impossible.

Nothing is impossible, outside of the laws of our universe, as long as you spend your mental energy figuring out a way to make it happen… instead of putting mental blocks on yourself.

Choose to be better, choose to live your life the way you want to. After all, your perspective is what shapes your reality.

“What you believe to be true in your reality, is your reality. Be careful what you wish for, because whatever you wish for, and believe in, comes true.”

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  1. Now as for reading this piece concerning keeping a positive mindset, it makes me think of when i first went to jail, i was broken, hurt, depressed, i felt like life was over……it was only a month into my time and the psychologist whom i had a meeting with sat down and had a fairly basic convo with me, she realized not only i dont belong in jail, i just made some stupid mistakes, and not only that, i had a different outlook on life, now im not here to put those down who are in jail right now in no way, but honestly some that are in jail, they live this, its in and out, and they dont care, its part of thier life, well i am different, i used the time i had to regain some empathy, i had to believe in myself again, this is hard to do when your locked in a cell for 22.5 hours a day, regardless the mind can do you wonders, if you just believe….now back to the psychologist, she handed me a book i think i read about 8 times, it was called The Power of Belief, by Dr Gregg Braden, a fantastic book i will never forget, with the solidarity of being in a cell and reading this book, it made me change my whole outlook on life, it made me get my vision back, i mean this by being a visionary, a dreamer, i realized the fundamentals of life were not hard or difficult anymore, i learned how to not only adapt to any situation, i learned life is what you create it, so believe in yourself. I also noticed with other things such as my bills and money i owe for example the more i stress over it, the harder it is and stuff doesnt get paid, because i simply manifested that reality of negative thought to myself which isnt going to get you any where, regardless, im sure most of us have heard this before, and i am just ranting….one last thing i would like to address is the fact that regardless of education, you are as smart as you want to be,as for me, i have little post secondary, but my mind and intelligence is so broad in many directions i dont even know what i would want to take if i went to university, maybe sociology or architecture, quite the difference, but basically if you want to write a book, write a book, whether it gets published or not….you wrote a fucking book, hands down be proud of yourself…..i will write a book, probably a couple, dont really care if they dont get published…..at least i can say i wrote a book and check one more thing off the bucket list……cheers

  2. i think you have the ability to do whatever you want, with or without education.

    i find that education holds yourself accountable during your learning stages. people go to school to learn how to learn because doing it on their own doesn’t seem to be an option.

    i think with the writing aspect, that’s dope. i think you should write a book, and i’d be happy to help you. i think it’s important not for the world to see, because for me, i’d write with or without the exposure. it’s important for you, because a book, if you’re a passionate writer, is the ultimate form of expression of your internal state.

    p.s. we should go out and talk about this shit homie. 😉

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