Life Beings At The End Of Your Comfort Zones

How’s everybodyyyy doiinnnnnn?

Have you ever had a moment where something so obvious just finally clicks? Do you ever have these? Epiphanies? Don’t you just love them?

The other night I was laying in my bed, trying to fall asleep, when a thought came to my mind and it all** finally made sense.

The Thought:

Growth Never Ends.

This one is kind of silly to me, because it’s so obvious. Think about it. Of fucking course growth never ends, you can always get better. Whether or not you are growing… that is another question.

The fact that growth never ends also provides even more logical evidence as to why you should focus on the process instead results because the process is the only thing that exists!

Let me ask you this: When you finally get the results you were chasing, and reach that next level… what is the difference between this and a plateau?

Nothing but perspective. If you hit that next level and become content, that “next level” quickly becomes a plateau. The only difference is whether or not your mentality has shifted, changing your perspective.

If you continue to grow after that next level, it won’t be a plateau. And since the process is the only thing that exists, you have no choice but to enjoy the fuck out of it.

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

So, what is the quickest way to grow?

Pushing your comfort zone.

When you push your comfort zone, you grow. It’s as easy as that. The bigger the comfort zone, the bigger your growth. Simple stuff.

“Everything is outside your comfort zone, otherwise you would already have It.” –David DeAngelo

Now pushing your comfort zones can be difficult. I completely understand that. Some guys are successful in doing this, and others not so much. So what’s the difference?


A friend and fellow blogger has a great quote that describes this perfectly:

“Approach fear with curiosity.”

When you become curious to see how you will react in uncomfortable situations – fears, comfort zones or otherwise – you are definitely on the right path to massive growth. Studying Social Dynamics develops this mindset. And since you are studying Social Dynamics and not just pickup, you push a greater range of comfort zones, and grow into a more natural, “normal” (socially calibrated), well-rounded dude.

You begin to approach life with curiosity. You begin to influence the world with positivity. When you realize that you are a positive influence on the world, that you are actually making a difference, you stop walking through life numb, stoned, and paralyzed… and begin to feel alive. You gain presence – the ultimate gift to give.

Yesterday while quickly scanning my twitterfeed, I came across this quote:

“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.”  ~Pema Chodron

Your true presence is your ultimate gift to give. Is there anything better? To get there you must grow, and grow a lot – grow every day. It starts and ends with comfort zones, by being assertive in putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, by throwing yourself out of your nest.

Only then will you truly live. Only then will you know what you are truly made of. Who you truly are.

What else would you exist for?

Exist to live.

Who’s with me?


  1. I couldn’t agree more. I have had my best results in life by focusing on the here and now. The processes of life are so much more fun than the ending results.

  2. Hey HH.

    Thanks for the comment. When you can enjoy the process, life is a ton of fun. Very happy to hear you have this mentality.

    Next USA trip I make we will have to run into each other and party it up. 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to St. Louis. I remember when Gretzky played for the Blues. 😀

  4. Great article Cam! I especially like the part about approaching your fears with curiosity. That realization is so awesome, I can’t even put it into words.

    Also, the last picture you chose for this is hilarious ^^

  5. “Approach fear with curiosity” – My new personal slogan and motto!

    My comfort zone is pretty small, although I’m not embarrassed doing silly stuff while people are watching..

    One of my goals is to go out more. I love to party, but I don’t go out because them outgoers are scary shizzle n’allthat.
    Talking to strangers is another goal, cause I tend to be shy and nervous, but when I know people for some time, they can be(come) my best friends! It’s that massive speedbump of actually getting started and do fun stuff that’s being a pain in the ass..

    All in all, a really nice article you put up there, keep up the inspiration!

  6. Hey Richard,

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your feedback on this post as well.

    What’s your game plan to go out more? Do you have a specific goal? What about for talking to strangers? Share your goals with me and I will help keep you accountable to them!

  7. Hey man, I love the post. I’ve recently read the post about using google calendar and have already booked my next week. But I’ve come to a sticking point in life still. I’m flunking out of uni, because I play far too many video games. I’ve read so many articles, but have no idea where to start on changing myself! I mean I’ve cut down on gaming a lot, but Like other than actually improving my focus on school and maintaining a normal workout schedule, I have no idea how else to grow. I don’t really have the best social skills, and I have NO idea HOW to improve them, even after trying so many things i’ve read/seen, I just do not feel like I’m improving whatsoever socially, and I have no idea why. I don’t know HOW to meet new friends, and it’s been taking a toll on me emotionally, because all I do is try, but I keep getting knocked down it seems.

  8. Hey Trickster. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment. Stoked to hear that you are taking what you’ve learned here and applying it right away. You’re smart. E-mail me and I will help you get started with your other goals. Easier to get more personal over e-mail than in comments.

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