7 Billion People = 7 Billion Options

The intensity in the room starts to reach a boiling point. A bead of sweat drips down your forehead as you lock eyes with your opponent. He slowly but surely raises both of his hands from beneath the table… revealing that which you never thought you’d ever see…

… A deck of cards.

Checkered boards seem to fly across the table as he deals one to himself, one to you. One to himself, one to you. You like to break the rules, you pick up the cards before they’re all dealt so you know what you’re in for. That extra 3 seconds arranging your hand will give you a 3 second advantage on your opponent. You pick up the first 6 cards but realize that you’re probably going to lose. This isn’t good, you don’t like your cards.

Back and forth until the 8th card is dealt. In it’s cascade cutting through the air, it catches wind and flips from checkered to a blank white surface, revealing all that was hidden.

“HEY! You cheater. Re – Deal.”

A slight smirk comes across your face as you hand your terrible cards back to the person who dealt them to you. Looks like you don’t have to play with your inconvenient hand.


It’s true. Life is the biggest video game there is to date. Life is a game of spectators and participators, life is a real life version of the Sims.

What  most people think, though, is that they’re a victim to the Game. If they’re born into a certain family, they’re going to have similar circumstances. “The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.” The victim mentality that our society exists on today.

Let’s examine a widespread truth. There are 7 billion people in the world today. 7 billion people, and each one of those people have something valuable to offer the world that no other individual offers. Each one of those 7 billion people is a human being, and thus, socializes with other people.

Think about this fact. When you learn how to train your social skills, continuously improving every day, you soon start to realize how limitless you really are. Improving social skills seems like such a minuscule task, compared to “Go to school, get a degree in the field you’re looking for.”

Riddle me this, Batman

There are two people that want to be a photographer for a professional photography company. One went to school for two years, and understands photography inside and out. Person 1 goes to the job interview, but lacks the social skills necessary to communicate the value he has to offer to the photography company. He has all of the value in the world, but his lack of ability to communicate with other individuals about the value that he could bring leaves him shy, and timid in the interview. All he has is the resume that “says he’s credible.” He goes to the interview and isn’t an effective communicator.

Person 2 is good friends with one of the photographers in the company. He understands the importance of networking. He met the photohrapher at an event he was shooting, and through that the photographer hooked him up with an interview at his company. Person 2 understands how to interact with people and communicate the value that he could offer to the company. Person 2 never went to school, he’s chosen to self – study his passion and use his network to get him an interview for a photography company. Person 2 has excellent communication skills, and nails the interview. Person 2 leaves the interviewer with a strong sense of confidence that Person 2 can get the job done.

Who gets the job, kids?

This article is to say that you are not the cards that you are dealt. You have the option to re deal. If you don’t like your situation, if you don’t like your circumstance you can change. You can change, and you can start right now. Every day you interact with people, there is no way to get by without doing it. Understanding the most efficient way to communicate with the people who can bring you the most value is understanding how you can control the outcome of your own life.

There’s 7 billion people in this world. Each one of those individuals represents an option. Understanding how to communicate with another individual is understanding how to create more options in your life. This includes business, pleasure, passion.

This life is like the Sims. It works like the Sims, too. You interact with the people who bring you value, you choose where you go and what you do. This is the fact of our society as a whole, we haven’t been educated in the potential options that we could have, just by opening our eyes to the social world that we live in today.

There’s an old saying about comedians.

Tell one joke, people think it’s a funny joke. Tell 5 jokes, people think you’re a funny guy.

The same applies for communicating value.

Show one valuable asset, people think it’s a valuable asset. Communicate multiple valuable assets, people think you’re a valuable person.

Any one of the 7 billion people that exist in our world today will go out of their way to help a valuable person.

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  1. I believe social skills are important as a throne is important to the King.

    Correct me if I am wrong! 😉

  2. “Show one valuable asset, people think it’s a valuable asset. Communicate multiple valuable assets, people think you’re a valuable person.”


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