When Things Don’t Work Out.

No matter how much effort you put in or how you plan things, it’s just not always going to go your way. There are factors that come into play you just can’t predict and control. Initially, it’s alright to be upset. It’s a normal reaction. It’s what you do after that makes a difference. Failure is an event and a temporary condition, the moment you give up is what makes it permanent. Be persistent and be creative when things don’t go as planned. There’s no cookie cutter approach to all your problems.

shit happens

Good decision requires a tranquil mind so approach the issue with clarity. Your effort will be wasted and misguided if a logical plan isn’t laid out. The first step is to always approach any issue in a clear and logical manner especially under heavy emotional pressure. Focus on the things within your control and be okay with the things that are not. Do what you can do right now. Recognize when you need help and don’t be afraid to ask for it. There’s only so much you can do. When things don’t workout, give yourself time and sit on it for a bit. Allow your subconscious mind to gnaw away at the issue at hand. Go for a walk to gain some freedom to focus on other things. Lack of distraction and feeling uninhibited allows your mind to generate insights.

Do your research, gather all the facts and investigate. From then on, formulate the best way to go about it. Find any cause and effect relationship or patterns. Ask yourself if you’ve gone through a similar situation in the past. If so, what did you do? By comparing it to something you’ve dealt with before, you can use similar problem solving skills to go about it. Realize that there is a solution to everything, but it will be difficult to see it if you’re so wrapped up that you can’t see anything but the problem.

When things don’t work out, you have a few options: you can point fingers and blame others or you can take responsibility for what happened. You can come up with many excuses why it’s not your fault or you can come up with just as much reasons on how you would fix it. You can spend your time and energy feeling resentment or you can use it to fuel your creativity to move things forward. You can protect your ego and view yourself as a victim of the situation or you can set it aside and make room to receive feedback. The choice is really up to you. What it comes down to is your perspective and how you view the world.

Learn from your mistakes. Take ownership of it but don’t view it personally. When things don’t work out, the flaw is not in the person but in the process. Reflect and evaluate the procedure you took and analyze where it could’ve been improved. Solving a big problem can be overwhelming and seem impossible but there’s a better way. View it as one big equation made of different components so you can break it down to smaller pieces. Identify all the parts it consists of and then figure out practical solutions that can be implemented right away. It may not solve the whole problem immediately but having the minor pieces taken care of builds positive momentum to encourage you to keep going.

Most of my biggest lessons that propelled me forward in life came from all my biggest mistakes. Take all the necessary lessons out of it and move on. View failure as an opportunity to learn. The more problems you solve, the more reference experience you’ll have for tackling future endeavors. So when things don’t workout, be open to it. Next time you encounter a similar situation, you’ll have a better idea on what to do.


  1. I sometimes take this “things” way to serious, can barely think about it – as well as I either go and be upset or just say “fuck it”. Other times I just solve little problems one by one, and analyze everything I can with logical thinking as well other power of thinking I got to clear things out and be on the positive mode again – brings more joy, happiness and inspirations.

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