Unlock the Unlimited Power of Your Mind

You are the image you choose to present to the world.

It’s Friday night. You’re getting dressed, looking yourself up and down in the mirror. Your freshly washed navy blue Guess jeans compliment your plain white V – Neck nicely, the bracelet on your left arm is a nice touch… but you’re nervous. Thoughts, seemingly out of your control, run through your mind about the possible negative outcomes of the evening. Why am I even going out? I don’t know what I’m doing. I HAVE to get drunk tonight. Maybe if I get drunk I’ll talk to some girls. I’m going to get rejected tonight.

You get to the bar and you can’t find your groove. Every girl that you talks to seems to instantly blow you off, without you saying much more than 5 words. The frustration ensues; eventually causing you to drink until blackout drunk. You wake up the next morning wearing your winter jacket as your pants in your bed, alone.


What is a major premise? Defined as the overall core thought process your brain possesses, your Major Premise is your CONSCIOUS THOUGHT PATTERN that runs through your mind each and every day. Some are lucky to NATURALLY have positive Major Premises. “I want to win, I want to be the best.” While others (most of our population) have premises that hold them back. “I’m naturally lazy, I hate hard work.”

Major Premises are the cause for your current reality. Major Premises are CONSCIOUS THOUGHTS. The best thing about CONSCIOUS THOUGHTS, is that you have control over them. You just have to become aware of your control; thus you be ignorant and be over-run by negativity.

The conscious thoughts that run through our mind daily effectively program our subconscious mind. Without conscious control over our conscious thoughts, we lose control over our situation. Whatever thought may run through our mind at any given time, if not governed, WILL directly program our subconscious mind. This could be a GOOD thing “I want to win this game!” However, more often more often than not it is a NEGATIVE process “I can’t do it.”


The theories behind the access to our brain vary and none can hold absolute truth, due to the uniqueness of the individual. The percentage ranges from 5% – 10%. At FULL MENTAL CAPACITY, Human Beings have access to only10% of their brain, and we’re talking Einstein.

Keeping this in mind, there is only so much that our CONSCIOUS MIND can handle. If the CONSCIOUS mind is focused on all the negatives of the world, of our environment, of our lives than the SUBCONSCIOUS mind will produce the same results that the CONSCIOUS mind is focusing on. This is the law of our mind. You are who you CONSCIOUSLY choose to be.

How is it possible that we have control over our situation? How do we dictate our own reality?

This goes back to our Major Premise. If our overall conscious thought pattern is negative, our subconscious mind will work to produce negative scenarios by sending NEGATIVE sub-communications. EVERY scenario in this life possesses a positive side and a negative side. If our overall conscious thought pattern focuses on the negatives of this world (“I can’t do it, this sucks, I’ll do it later, I’m just going to avoid this situation”) than EVERY situation we encounter will be negative. Our CONSCIOUS will program our SUBCONSCIOUS to be negative.

On the flip side, if our overall conscious thought pattern is POSITIVE, than our subconscious mind will produce what our conscious mind programs into it. This is not a phenomenon that is a quick fix. Reading this article will give you the tools to be successful as I have been using the laws of my own mind that I have discovered.

In order to change our situation, to give it an upwards tilt; to climb and grow… we must change our Major Premise.

Below is my Major Premise. In order to COMPLETELY CHANGE my overall thought pattern, I re – affirm this premise to myself daily. In doing so, I’ve memorized it, and WHENEVER I’m experiencing doubt or nervousness, it is immediately removed with the thought of my premise. This happens through my CONSCIOUS MIND programming my SUBCONSCIOUS MIND to be successful.


I sit down at my computer 3 times a day and read this Major Premise 5 times aloud, with passion and conviction. When I go to bed I bring my laptop to my bed with me and read it over 5 times before I close my eyes.

How has this worked for me?

Every day problems arise in my life. Situations arise where, previously unarmed with the knowledge of the laws of my own mind, I would have been unable to creatively resolve the issue. Now, when a situation arises where I’m experiencing ANY negative emotion (anxiety, nervousness, fear, procrastination), I re – affirm the premise to myself. Not every line, because that’s ridiculous. However my CONSCIOUS mind has programmed my SUBCONSCIOUS mind with the knowledge in the paragraph.

I went to the Gym today to recover and work off May Long. I DID NOT want to do cardio at all. I was changing and in my head, I was using my conscious mind to rationalize to myself why I SHOULDN’T do cardio today.

“I don’t think I’ll have enough time. I’ve gotta go to work later, have to meet Daniel later. I’ll shorten this work out up by skipping cardio.”

Then I remembered my Major Premise. One line specifically came to me.

“The Principles of Right Action, Regardless of Circumstance, Dictate my Life.”

I knew that I came to the gym and that I wanted to do cardio. My conscious mind was trying to rationalize a reason why I SHOULDN’T do it, and it would have won, had I not programmed my sub-conscious mind to be successful. Through engraining my Major Premise into my own mind, when faced with a situation where my conscious mind was rationalizing procrastination, my SUB – CONSCIOUS mind allowed me to be successful. I walked out of the locker room and on to the treadmill, keeping my Major Premise in mind.

As I walked on the treadmill, I began to sweat. Previously unarmed with the Premise, my mind would have given me reasons to shorten up the work out. That thought NEVER EVEN CROSSED MY MIND, and my conscious mind was able to focus on PRODUCTIVITY (planning my day, creating ideas for work) instead of focusing on NEGATIVITY (I want to get off this treadmill, this sucks, why am I doing this). Since I’ve programmed my SUBCONSCIOUS MIND to be successful, my CONSCIOUS mind is free to focus on creativity, productivity and taking action. If my CONSCIOUS MIND takes action, my SUBCONSCIOUS MIND will make me successful through belief in my own major premise.

What is YOUR major premise? Do you find that you tend to be “naturally lazy?” Do you think you “can’t get a better job because you didn’t go to school?” Do YOU think, on some deep level, you don’t “deserve success”, because you’ve never experienced it?

If you want to CHANGE your situation, you must CHANGE your thought process. Create a Major Premise for yourself. Close your eyes after you read this post and envision yourself in your ideal situation; whether that be career related, relationship related or to do with your biggest passion in life. Then, like I did, take the time to write out your Major Premise.

Focus on 3 KEY ESSENTIALS for your Major Premise.

1.      Your success is only as limited as you make it. If you BELIEVE your success is limitless, your subconscious mind will make it happen.

2.      Keep positivity in mind. The people of our world GRAVITATE to positivity, they cannot help it or control the gravitational pull positivity creates.

3.      You MUST re – affirm your premise to yourself AT LEAST 3 times a day. It’s important to do this so you PROGRAM your sub-conscious mind to be both successful and positive. When this happens, your conscious mind can focus on taking action to make your subconscious thoughts come to fruition.

“What your mind perceives, you can achieve.”

Hope this helps! Comment and SUBSCRIIIIBE!


  1. Why would a neuroscientist immediately doubt that 90 percent of the average brain lies perpetually fallow? First of all, it is obvious that the brain, like all our other organs, has been shaped by natural selection. Brain tissue is metabolically expensive both to grow and to run, and it strains credulity to think that evolution would have permitted squandering of resources on a scale necessary to build and maintain such a massively underutilized organ. Moreover, doubts are fueled by ample evidence from clinical neurology. Losing far less than 90 percent of the brain to accident or disease has catastrophic consequences. What is more, observing the effects of head injury reveals that there does not seem to be any area of the brain that can be destroyed by strokes, head trauma, or other manner, without leaving the patient with some kind of functional deficit

  2. I appreciate the insight you offer, and it holds true all of its credibility, but I’m lost as to the relevance of the underlying message of this article. It’s clear to me that you’ve studied the Human Brain, and you’re probably a Biology major, however the books you read have no relevance to real life reference experience. I can tell you from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE that the message in this article is both CLEAR and TRUE. You are what you believe you are to be.

  3. This is awesome! I’m going to do this everyday from now on.
    How long did it take for you to start noticing results from this?

  4. bromeo, it keeps working. i’d say a week and you’ll start to notice consistent results. it’s not something that’s a quick fix; its a complete reformation of the way your mind thinks. i’ve been re-affirming it to myself for two weeks now and shit just keeps coming my way. i got promoted a week ago to management, and my manager just gave me a call and wants to re promote me. 😉

  5. Certainly not every structure in the brain is utilized equally, but if you destroy 90% of the brain, you’re obviously going to destroy that one tiny structure that makes all the difference, 9 out of 10 times. The point is that concious thought takes up only 10% of functional neurological volume, but yes, obviously the rest of the brain is used for something, just not under concious control. This is just a good example of scientists trying to explain things to average joe in laymans terms wthout confusing them, and then they confused anyways.

    But really, my favorite motivator of all time, in the gym or wherever, is going into a situation I know is going to test everything I have just to make it out better than when I started, hearing the voices of negativity, and then just crushing them through action. The voices come, then I take action, and the voice just start to phase out. The inner dialogue: “This is gonna hurt, you can’t do it.”, my response “I’m already doing it, what now?”

  6. This way of reprogramming your brains seems to be related to NLP?
    Either way, awesome post and thanks for the insight given here.
    Trying to make up my own Major Premise and find a place to have it somewhere visually and close me on a daily basis (phone background perhaps).

    Keep this stuff coming, I’m loving it!

  7. Yeah my Major Premise helped me out ALOT mang. I have alot more internal things that I’m currently working on that is developing my self – esteem to the next level. Stay tuned for more articles 🙂

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