The clock buzzes, you reach over and press the snooze button. 5 more minutes in your warm bed is all you need… the shower can wait. Each minute seems to fly by, your mind occupied with your workload today. You’ve never loved your job, but it pays the bills. It allows you to have those moderate luxuries you desire, it provides the necessities for survival.

You feel distant at work, though. You feel complacent. The work day seems to roll by on autopilot, looking forward to the breaks when you can express yourself, when you can bring that part of you out that makes you human.

Happiness. The emotion most often sought out. Instilled with fear by the news stories covering the tragedies, the successful marketers of today who know us better than we know ourselves, tell us that our happiness lay in material wealth.

“Missing something in your life? This top of the line car will fix that.”

Emotion is played upon and stimulated in the external world, to keep you a consumer. The new shirt looses it’s novelty after a month, so you go out and buy a new one. Your I-Phone isn’t the newest one in a year, so you’re not happy with it anymore. Your happiness lay in the next I – Phone.

The consumer based happiness that our society advertises doesn’t lie to you though, you do feel pretty good when you buy that new product. The problem with this system is that you only feel happy for a short period of time. When the novelty of your new found product, your promotion, your raise wears off… you’re back to complacency; awaiting your next opportunity from the external world to be happy.

The system that we’ve been provided with today is the answer to short term happiness. If you base your happiness in this system, your emotion will be as stable as the ever – evolving materialistic world.

What’s the answer to long – term happiness, then?

2 months ago, I watched a video on TED.Com about Positive Psychology. In the video, the speaker talked about how, for years, psychologists could get the individual who was depressed back to content, but never from content to happy. It’s only been recently, in the last 10 years, that the study of positive psychology has leaked into our culture.

There was a recent study done on Happy people. This study took numerous happy individuals and studied them on a case by case basis, in an attempt to find out the cause of their happiness. The results they found were trivial, and they couldn’t pinpoint the individual causation of happiness in each person.  The results varied from finding success in business, owning their own business, having a great marriage, expressing their creative side through art.

There was a commonality between all of these happy people, though. Although they could not find specific character traits that made people happy, they found that every single one of these individuals had rich relationships in their life. Strong social circles, a great family bond and an optimistic charisma to those who interviewed them, previously strangers.

Although limited by language, we all understand emotion. Every animal with a beating heart on this planet understands emotion, as we understand theirs. Look at an animal in the zoo, vs. in their natural habitat. Look at a man sitting in the corner in the fetal position in his chair, vs. the man standing shoulder width apart with his eyes to the sky. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from Asia, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan… if you’re limited by the communication of language, emotion is always the universal language that ties us all together.

Our entire lives we’ve been raised to believe that living in comfort is the best option. We’ve been brought into a world where comfort is preached; “Go to school, get options so you can land a job with a good salary.” Comfort is another word for mediocrity, because comfort is contentment, not happiness. The difference between contentment and happiness is the range of emotion. Contentment brings survival, happiness brings abundance.

A link for Up to This Point, a book by Kingpin Social is at the bottom of this page. I’ve spent the last 3 months working on this book to bring it to you now, in all of its majesty. In this book I dive into the definition of Social Dynamics, the fundamentals of Social Dynamics, and how you can start using these fundamentals in your life. This book will open your eyes, and shift your perspective on how you see the world today. Up to This Point gives you the ability to shift from pessimist to optimist, short term, but this is all the book does. This is all a book ever does. If you are to make a permanent shift, you must act on your new perspective.

How do you act? Read the book, and then send me a message with your questions

Emotion is the communication thread that ties every living animal with a beating heart together. Understanding how to communicate emotionally removes every possible element of mis – communication.

Up to This Point is Social Dynamics developed over the course of the last year. Even today, releasing it, the content has been re – developed and more clarity has been shone on the fundamentals. Before you can understand the new content, you must understand the fundamentals. Up to This Point covers the fundamentals.

“Up to This Point – Social Dynamics Revealed”

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Up to This Point by Brian Mark

“This is effing BRILLIANT”
–David, Office Manager


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