The Art of Juggling Fitness and a Relationship

Many of us who are single maintain a healthy lifestyle to be more more attractive to the opposite sex. There isn’t any problem with that kind of reasoning, however we usually stop once we find the person we are looking for. I’ve noticed even in myself how easy it is to gradually put on the pounds or “love pudge” while dating. There are dozens of reasons why this happens but to avoid making this an article about “why we get fat in a relationship” which can be an article in itself I’m going to discuss several ways to either avoid or address the problem.

Create a Healthy Cookbook

An easy way to keep each other motivated is in the kitchen. Not only will you $ave money but you will also be participating in a fun activity together. Put together a cookbook with healthy alternatives to your favorite dishes. (With pictures!) Start online and print out some recipes you haven’t tried yet. You’ll be surprised how motivating that can be when you’re keeping each other accountable with each other’s nutrition.

Sleep Together

No not that kind of sleeping together!, Well that too but first things first. Make sure you’re helping each other get to bed on time and get at least 7-8 hours of rest. Recovery is probably the most neglected part of fitness that I can think of. Helping each other relax with a massage and some quality cuddling can get you catching Z’s in no time.

Go on a Fitness Date

You can appeal to each other’s interest with either a Yoga or Kickboxing class. When your partner asks if you want to see a dinner and a movie how about an outdoor hike and picnic instead. This can translate into a Fitness vacation as well. Scheduling a weekend snowboarding trip or bicycle ride in a different country with a nice view.

Friendly Competition

Make your fitness into a game by challenging each other to go that extra mile while going for a jog. Of course this can get a little tricky so make sure to keep it friendly by keeping it goal oriented and not ego driven.

Get each other to the Gym

We all know that half the battle is simply getting yourself to the gym. You don’t have to feel pressured to work out together either.

If you’re anything like me then perhaps you enjoy working out alone. It can be very encouraging to be even in the same building while your both trying to look your best naked.

Wrapping it all up

If your mindset is to always work towards being your very best then this should continue on in your relationships as well. Let’s be completely honest here, being in a relationship you should be bringing out the best in each other. Finding a quality person who cares about living a healthy lifestyle is hard enough. Keeping them is even harder.

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