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What do you dream?

Dreams are powerful. Your dreams create your reality, if you let them. Most people are asleep while awake, convincing themselves that reality is what it is, and there’s nothing they can do to change it. These are the people that choose to exist in their memory, instead of in the unlimited present moment right in front of them.

Truth is, reality just is. What you make of reality is your perception. Your perception, your internal mindset perceives reality, and you act based on your perception. If you believe this world to be negative, you will only see negative in the world, and you will act upon that negativity. If you believe this world to be positive, you will see the good in everything, and you will act on that positivity. Truth is there’s a positive and a negative in everything, and it is what you choose to look for that makes it reality. Even the toughest experiences have valuable lessons that you can learn from.

That being said, there are two types of people in this world. There are people who are awake with their eyes open, and there are people who are sleeping with their eyes open. The people who are awake with their eyes open are the 17 year old Millionares, the multi – billion dollar entrepreneurs, the innovators, the creators, the inventors. The people who are awake are the ones who make a difference and choose to shape their reality by changing their perception on it.

Then there are people who are sleeping with their eyes open. These are the people who are living in someone else’s dream, going to work in the warehouse to pack someone else’s goods. That warehouse does not belong to them, and thus, they work for someone else, creating the dream of the owner of the warehouse. The dream of the owner of the warehouse may not be fulfilling, but it is his dream. Anyone that works underneath him creates his dream, shapes his dream, put’s in their man hours to mold the owner’s dream.

This is not our fault, the sleeping wake. This is the way we have been raised to believe is the only way. In reality, we choose what we want to do. It is your choice to get up and go to work every day to the job that you do not like. You make this choice. You’re the one driving to work, you’re the one taping the boxes, you’re the one that works for someone else’s dream. Is this your fault? This is no more your fault than it is mine, for we have been raised to believe that this is the only way.

“Get a job! Support your family.”

A “job” is something that you don’t enjoy the process of doing, or even the process of thinking about your job. A job is only a job when you do not like it. When you love your work, it is not a job, it is a passion. Some people become passionate designing someone else’s dream, if they find an element of that dream that they are allowed to make into their own (promotion to Supervisor, Manager, Owner). All of us want to feel like we create something, we want to have a physical representation of the hard work that we put in. Recognition is something we all seek, and recognition comes in no greater form than designing a dream of your own.

People go to work for a job that they don’t love to do, and they justify it with monetary reasons. “Gotta pay the bills!” Agreed, the bills have to be paid. When you come home, though, what do you do? Does the TV capture your attention, are your thoughts occupied with your progressive video games.

We are the way we are because the world that we’ve been raised in has conditioned us to believe that this is the only way. We are taught that the only way to get by in this world is to get a stable job, that pays good money, so that we can grow up and support a family. Why would you want to bring someone else into the world to repeat the same vicious circle? Even if someone gets a stable, secure job that pays a lot of money, what do they get out of it. If that person gets a big fat paycheque, he’ll still have to go back to work on Monday to put his time and energy into someone else’s dream.

I’ve always wanted to build my own business..

Wake up! Start living your dream, because your dream is happening right now. In this moment that last for infinity. The only moment that you have is this moment, any moment that has happened up to this point is irrelevant, beyond the lessons that you’ve learned from it. The moments that are to come should be pondered upon, having an ultimate vision in mind. However in this moment, the moment that never ends, you should be living your dream. In this moment you should be designing your dream, and working on the process of achieving it. The moment 30 seconds ago, when you started this paragraph? That moment no longer exists, and here you are, reading in this moment. Choose, in this moment, to live the rest of your life the way you want to live it.

Choose to live your dream, the way that you would want to do it. Wake up, designing someone else’s dream will never be fulfilling. Money will never be the answer to buying your dreams, because your dreams don’t happen with money, your dream is happening right now. Are you living your dreams right now? You have the opportunity to, by designing an unlimited vision, living in the present moment and every day, working on the process of obtaining your unlimited vision.

Every day you wake up, you live in a dream. Are you living in your own, or are you designing someone elses?

Mental Performance

Vision Boards: Attracting your BEST life.

The best way to approach a purpose is to have multiple perspectives on the same direction. Through the power of Networking I met an aspiring life coach named Jamie. Jamie’s direction is relative to the path that we’re on with Kingpin Lifestyle; Jamie’s blog is one of similar direction; personal development and lifestyle enhancement. Jamie will be joining us on Kingpin Lifestyle every Wednesday, collaborating with Kingpin Social to enlighten you as to how you can make your life worth living.

Enter Jamie.

So you want to be successful and you want to have direction? Who doesn’t? Successful people all over the world have a lot of things in common; they are ambitious, hard working, but most importantly they have a solid vision. By vision I mean that they have really taken the time to envision the future they want and guess what? They ACTUALLY live the life they have imagined.

The beautiful thing is that you can create a vision anywhere at any time. You can be sitting in your office cubicle, at a coffee shop, on your yoga mat, or on a park bench. It comes down to sitting, closing your eyes, and picturing exactly what you want. So simple, right? Yet so many of us don’t utilize this incredibly easy tool to create a life we want. ‘A life we want’ is obviously based on several things and the key is to be specific and as detailed as possible.

What does your BEST LIFE look like? You can have anything and everything as long as you can imagine it and create it in your mind. We create our own reality. What do you want yours to look like? Where do you want to be in one week? One year? Three years? Five years?

Here is an example of my vision for myself at the age of 27:

“I’m waking up in the large master suite of my 3000 sq feet, three story, walk-out home that I share with the love of my life just outside of Banff, Alberta. Our home is modern yet cozy, set in dark wood, stone and surrounded by nature. Large bay windows over-look the Rocky Mountains where they look close enough to touch. I have a studio that is off to the side of our home that consists of my office, meditation room and photography studio. I practice yoga on our balcony that wraps around the house and breathe in the cool mountain air every morning.”

I have clearly mapped out in my mind what the architecture of my home is, when I have this home, where it is located, how it feels, how it smells (can’t beat mountain air and pine trees), and creating a connection to this space. I have no idea if this home really exists at this current time, but by creating a vision I am allowing the possibility of it to exist. This is the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is based on universal energy that everyone and everything possesses. Like a radio frequency (as I have sort of envisioned it) we send waves through our thoughts (and even our actions) to this universal energy and it reacts back. It’s the formula that “like attracts like.” So if you put out positive manifestations, affirmations and thoughts you will receive the same positivity back in different aspects of your life. The same goes for negativity.

Have you ever noticed how negative people consistently have more negative situations or attract more difficulties than others? They play the victim, that ‘nothing ever goes right,’ “I have bad luck,” ‘that kind of life is never in the cards for me’ kind of attitude. The more they put that out the more they attract exactly what they don’t want and it comes true. Adding fuel to the fire sort of speak. Until they change their attitude and put out a more positive vibe they will always attract negativity in to their life and never see progress. Same for people who exude positivity and have an attitude that ‘everything is a learning experience’ or ‘everything will work out’ kind of attitude. They tend to attract more positivity in their life, have more fun experiences, opportunities and overall more successful.

Another way to look at it is to always come from a place of being cared for. The universe is a pretty spectacular being and holds an incredible amount of energy that is at your disposal if you allow it. You must never come from a place of lack. The universe does not lack, it only provides. This is huge when it comes to money. If you put out the energy that you lack money you WILL lack money. That lack perception will then attract situations in to your life that will consume your finances or assets. When you change your thoughts to abundance and being provided for always, you WILL be abundant and be provided for. “Like attracts like” it’s really that simple, and it really does work.

This is why we create visions. “Like attracts like.” By manifesting your vision you attract it in to your life. Ta-da! Magical! 🙂

Now the vision I shared is the tip of the ice-berg. That vision consists of my location, my home, my office, and a little bit of my relationship. This is where you start to expand on your relationships, career, physical health, your social standing, your financial standing, the car you drive, the clothing you wear, the people you surround yourself with, etc. The more detailed the better.

So you have sat down and started to envision your best life. Now what? WRITE IT DOWN. I can’t stress how important it is to solidify an idea or a vision by putting it down on paper. After you get it down on paper the next hoo-ha step is to create a vision board. A vision board is an incredible tool that some of the most successful people in the world like Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, and Bruce Lee (to name a few) use. Bruce Lee… need I say more?

Vision boards come in a variety of different styles and use different techniques depending on the individual’s creativity. So it’s time to get a little messy and to stretch that creative muscle that we all do possess (just sometimes needs to be exercised.)

What you will need:

– A cork board, poster board, or pin board.
– Scissors
– Glue (or pins, thumb tacks- depending on the board)
– Magazines, photographs, printer, etc
– Paint, pencil crayons, markers, charcoal, pastels, etc

Next, is the fun part! Now you have to find photographs, magazine clip outs, or pictures you print off that align with your vision. If you have a hard time finding images- make your own! Use key words, quotes, and symbols. Ultimately you are taking your vision and pasting it in front of you. Instead of reading it every day this will allow you to visualize it which is not only more effective but less time consuming. Makes sense, huh? When you are done hunting down all your images- paste or tackle it to your board and hang it up in a place that you will always see. Some people paste it on their roof above their bed, on their fridge, or commonly in their office. 

Done…er sorta.

If you are a negative-ned (or nancy) you need to change your perception and manifest positivity for your vision to cultivate. You will be amazed by the power of attraction and how a vision board allows you to attract the life you have always wanted.

If you would like to share your vision board please email me at and they will be featured on my blog!



Guest post brought to you by: Jamie Hyatt from ‘’ Jamie is an enthusiastic goal-getter and photographer. Aspiring life-coach and author. Yogi extraordinaire and an honest voice to those who seek it.