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Life and Lessons of Joe Frazier, RIP

On November 7th, 2011 former Olympic Gold Medalist and Undisputed World Heavyweight Boxing Champion “Smokin’ Joe” Frazier passed away. Joe Frazier's story is an inspiration to millions worldwide. So what can we learn from his life to apply in our own? Find out inside.

Dating As A Single Mom

Are you looking for support? Or are you looking for love? We all want to build relationships and we all want to find love. Single mothers are obviously no different. There a lot of things to navigate through as a single mother especially when it comes to dating. Click here for more information.

Believing in Becoming Fearless

The fears that exist in the individual are not fears of the world, but insecurities about the ability of the individual to handle the tasks of the world. In order to grow you must face your deepest emotion, in order to face that emotion you must understand how to find it.

What to Do When Life Throws You Lemons

The other night one of my students sent me a text asking if he could give me a call. During the call he says he’s been having a bit of trouble lately and would like to hear my thoughts. Since beginning his journey into Social Dynamics he's lost interest in other areas of his life. This is common, and the solution is simple. Find out inside.