Grow Every Fucking Day. Here’s How.


Just chillaxing at home listening to Coldplay and working on the blog so I thought I’d pump out another post for everybody.

(Coldplay is badass btw no matter what all you haterzzzz say)

Big shout-out to everybody who commented with feedback on my last post: “Why Not Giving a Fuck is Stupid as Fuck.” The feedback I received was outstanding, and I really appreciate you taking the time. We had a great discussion about the topic on my Facebook page, 25+ comments in total, including a few from some of the top “self-improvement” peeps around. (If you don’t have me on Facebook, get onnn it!)

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I’ve been really happy with the direction we’ve all been going lately. Everybody… from the whole crew here in Calgary to every single one of you readers out there, are progressively moving further and further away from the pick-up community mindsets and closer to true Social Dynamics. I can’t say I’m surprised at all that so many people are beginning to get involved in these discussions either – everybody knows pickup is flawed and Social Dynamics is the only way to truly live a badass life.

One of the buzz phrases I’ve been saying a lot lately is to be optimizing at all times.

“Every day, in every way, I keep getting better and better.”

Or as Myke likes to say: “Stronger than Yesterday.”

Each and every day, you should be growing. This only makes sense. Every day you become more experienced in life, every day you only learn more. So it only makes sense that you should be optimizing at all times. This is relevant to every area of your life, not only Social Dynamics.

This is one of the main concepts that I believe allows me to grow as much as I do: I focus on growth every day. Most of the time this isn’t even done consciously, but subconsciously. I have a mindset to optimize at all times, which means I need to continuously learn.

Let me share more…

Lately I’ve been feeling extremely comfortable with myself. This goes back to that feeling I had during my USA trip. I’m at the point now where I truly feel at ease with who I am, and the direction I am going. By no means does this mean I’m content, which would cause me to stagnate. The reason I’m at the point I am now is because I’m assertive in pushing myself forward. I don’t worry about doing it overnight, just a little bit every single day. I’m focused on the process because it’s the only thing that exists.

“Every day I become that much more comfortable with myself.”

It’s only when you are genuinely comfortable with who you are that you can take those important leaps forward. An example: Right now I feel so comfortable with who I am that I can actually take that chance of connecting with someone else and taking that relationship forward. Before I was at this point I would have been too insecure, paranoid, and just generally uncomfortable putting myself on the line.

That is no longer the case. I know I can put myself on the line and no matter the outcome, be ok with it. Whether a relationship turns into something serious, stays at a friendship level or just doesn’t work out, I really have no worries at all. I can actually live day by day and be happy wherever things go. At this point, things will work out in the end. (Definitely check out this article on Transitioning from Casual to Serious Relationships.)

I hope you are all on the same page with me. I hope you are all growing every day, even if it’s only in a small way. Progress is progress, big or small, neither is better than the other. Rock out at your own pace, push your limits, push that extra 20% as much as you can, and success is inevitable.

If you aren’t growing, what is holding you back? I’d love to hear your story.

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Peace out.

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