Easy to Implement Strategy for Meeting Girls in Class

Leah Dizon Cute School GirlIt’s been a week or two since students have headed back to the classroom for another year of the daily school grind. It’s back to hitting the books and being broke as fcuk.

Being back at school definitely isn’t the most pleasant of endeavors, but if you make the best of the situation there are many benefits as well. (I’m seriously jealous of anybody living in rez!)

With school back in session, I’ve had plenty of people sending me e-mails and hitting me up on Facebook asking how they can approach that cutie in class. What’s the best strategy? If I approach will she think I’m creepy? What if she’s always sitting next to other guys? Oh noesssss?

None of that matters, and actually meeting girls in class is incredibly easy.

Before you approach, understand this:

The key to meeting girls in class is to be relaxed. Remember that you need to calibrate yourself to your environment. The classroom is a low-key friendly place, so it’s important to act accordingly. You don’t need anything over the top, just a nice casual cool guy vibe.

The Approach

Now that you have a good vibe, you need to approach. It’s time to make your own opportunities, create your own options. Mom isn’t here to do it for you anymore. It’s time to be assertive and go after what you want. There is only one thing you need to do to meet her: put yourself in a position to do so. Maybe you can show up early to class, maybe stay a minute later. Ideally you have the opportunity to sit next to her. Whatever the case may be, you just need to talk to her for 2 minutes.

When you approach you want to do it from the frame of meeting your classmates. You’re just being that friendly guy. It’s a great idea to meet everyone in your class, and use that as an excuse to meet her too. It really is as simple as introducing yourself to her. Wam bam thank you mam.

So what about getting her number?

Now this is where you want to switch up your strategy. Think about the dynamics of a classroom for a second. You’re going to be spending the next semester together a couple times a week, so if you ask for her number you’re likely to get it. However I would recommend against this, at least initially. If she isn’t interested in you yet, and the relationship lacks that mutual attraction, then asking for her number will make her feel trapped. She has no choice. This creates a lose-lose situation. She has to give out her number to avoid the awkwardness, but now she will be flaky in return. Come with a different approach and you can have different results.

facebook logoInstead of grabbing her number, I would recommend getting her Facebook. Tell her this way you two can ask each other questions if you have them or share notes. If she misses a class you can email her anything she missed, and vice versa. This approach is much more casual, and will allow her the space to not feel trapped into a relationship she isn’t sure she wants… yet. It makes her comfortable. You also avoid the chance of rejection because pretty much anybody will give out his or her Facebook, especially if it’s a classmate. Now you have an opportunity to continue talking to her – outside of the classroom – and build that connection, just like you want.

This is about working smart not hard.

Once you have them on Facebook, it’s super easy to grab their number. If you see them on Facebook chat, message them something casual but with energy. I like to avoid saying “hey what’s up” and instead elect to ask something I’m curious about. From here simple fluff talk will do for the next few minutes. (Disclaimer: Don’t sit on Facebook all day waiting for her. If you see her you see her, if not you’ll see her in class.)

For iPhone users: Get the app called “Facebook Messenger.” The chat/messenger functions work much better than the big Facebook app. Highly recommended.

After talking for a few minutes I simply say this:

“ahhhh shit, I gotta go, what’s your number I’ll text you sometime.”

It rarely fails. Adding a sense of urgency makes it seem more casual and spontaneous, and is congruent to your desire to simply continue the conversation. The best part is that now instead of being that creepy guy from class that got her number, you are the friend on Facebook who got her number. In my experience she is more likely to respond how she normally would, without the heightened defenses you’d be dealing with if you got her number in class.

Try this out and let me know how it goes. Remember if she’s from your class be super chill and easy-going early on. Take things slower than usual, but when the opportunities are there make sure you escalate. She’s back to school and single, so she’s ready to party.

take it easy tiger

Make sure you share this post with your fellow students. They will love you for it. I use this same strategy to go out with bartenders in the nightclub. Watch the video below:


  1. Oh man, have I been waiting for these posts. I have yet to be in a fresh class setting and be fully “game cognizant.” Towards the end of last semester I found some things that were decent actions to take. The library: humans set patterns. I had a hottie who always studied in the same spot along with me. I ended up getting to know her by making a joke about being bored and teasing her about her crazy biology homework. Cafe: Just like any daygame spot but with a kicker. After a lunch time class head to where everyone eats. Bring your boys if you want. Just roll up to a table with a hottie you met from class and be social, acknowledge everyone and start using some social game. Hangouts: I had a great place on campus where there was a quick cafe and tall tables. Peeps would hang for 15 minutes and jet. I would always walk up to girls and ask them if they were thieves. They’d say no and Id have them watch my bag. Id grab a drink and start a conversation. I love college!

  2. Yo KTQ.

    Glad you enjoyed it. College is soooo fucking easy it’s ridiculous if you just put in a basic level of effort to meet people and have any game at all.

    Look out for more school related posts in the coming weeks. 🙂

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