A Life of Emotion

emotionI believe emotion to be the core of communication between everything with a beating heart. I was thinking about the ideas of body language, and tonality, even your choice of words. Tonality, body language, your choice of words all communicate one thing: your internal emotional state. If your body language is closed off, reserved, it communicates that you feel fear / insecurity. If your tonality is breaking rapport, it communicates that you feel angry. If your eye contact breaks, it communicates nervousness. Your external actions are a direct result of your internal emotional state.

This is something that people pick up on, but aren’t aware that they’re observing your emotion. Happy people are always good to be around, being around sad people usually brings you down, being around someone feeling angry often affects your emotional state negatively. When two individuals are speaking their words, body language and tonality are all communicating one thing: their emotional state. Happy people love being around happy people, angry people love being around each other to gossip and point out insecurities in others.

There’s two different types of ways that you can attack this situation. This is a cause and effect, you feel sad so your body language closes off and you reserve your tonality and choice of words. You feel insecure so you seek rapport with your tonality, break eye contact and communicate neediness through your body language. The emotion is the cause of the effect, the effect being your tonality, body language and choice of words.

Over the last 11 months until stumbling upon this realization, I spent my energy fixing my tonality, body language, and choice of words. I’m beginning to find that fixing these things is essential at the start of your self – development journey, because fixing the cause of the effect is a much longer process than fixing the effect. Making you internally happy is a lot more difficult than showing you the actions of an internally happy man. How does one develop their core emotion, from the inside out, fixing the cause and effect of the core of communication?

In my opinion, happiness comes in two forms. Long term and short term. Short term happiness comes from the ability to shift your perspective, and act upon it. Start looking for the opportunity in every difficulty, instead of the difficulty in every opportunity. Everybody has the choice to become an optimist; they simply have to shift their perspective. However this is short term, and a perspective can shift to negative just as easily as it can shift to positive. Long term happiness, in my opinion, stems from having a healthy sense of self – worth.

self esteemI believe we all have an ego, and that ego attaches itself to an identity. If you want to develop a long – lasting sense of self worth, in my opinion, you must validate your identity by process, instead of validating it by language. If you think you’re a photographer, don’t talk about photography, what you have done, what you are going to do… start taking photos. A long – lasting sense of self worth comes from believing that you should be somebody, and then working on the process of becoming that somebody that you think that you should be. Validation by language is the reason for big egos, identity crisis, and an unhealthy sense of self – worth from the core. The individual that works towards his ideal self, choosing to grow and become better every day, has no reason to feel insecure for he knows that each day he gets closer and closer to achieving his goals.

Unhealthy esteem causes you to point out the insecurities in others with gossip, drama, and is the cause of negative perspective. An individual with a low sense of self worth will always find the difficulty in every situation, justifying their logic with “realistic” or “truthful”. Healthy self – esteem looks for the opportunity in every situation, choosing only to talk about the solution to problems instead of focusing on the problem itself. Healthy self – esteem stems into long – term happiness, which is the element that fixes the core element of communication. The words that you say, the body language that you possess and the tonality that escapes your mouth all communicate one thing: your internal emotional state.

We live in a world of emotion. Love, hate, despair, happiness, all of these emotions are in the world for the taking. The emotions that you feel are the emotions that you choose to feel, because the emotions that you feel, over the long term, are a direct result of your internal sense of self worth. Fix the internal sense of self worth, your identity, by beginning to validate your identity by process, and work towards becoming that person that you always wanted to be. Stop talking about your goals and start accomplishing them; and the powerful emotion of presence and happiness will gravitate those options that you’ve always been looking for, into your life.

Emotion is contagious, positive or negative. The ego is designed to mask the internal emotional state, telling stories to validate it’s identity when it feels insecure. People are aware of the unhealthy ego, and people are aware of the emotional state that the ego communicates, even if it is to deny the emotional state through it’s choice of words. Body language, tonality and choice of words always create one thing together: your vibe, which gives off your internal emotional state. Become a positive individual from the core, and this emotion will infect everyone that you interact with, with positivity and happiness.

“Become the source of good emotion.”


  1. Shift in perspective…mmm…that’s good. i also dig the fact that you threw in here negative/closed off non verbal communication to emphasize points.


    i just came from reading this and it pointed out negativity also is something that is mentally established/dealt with.

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