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What’s Your “Reason Why?” (and the importance of having one)

Mikey BI recently watched a TED talk titled: How Great Leaders Inspire Action. Of course I was more than happy to click on the link thinking that I, too, am one of those aspiring leaders. The man giving the speech is named Simon Sinek. I loved what he had to say and I knew it was good, but I could never really connect the dots as to how it applied to me.

He said: “The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what I have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what I believe.”

I think that still to this day I don’t know if I will ever capture 100% of the potential of that idea. Think back to all of the times when you supported someone for something they were doing. How much easier was it when you believed in what that person was actually doing. How much easier was it to take action for them and invest your time and energy, knowing that you believed in what they believed.

I believe that everyone in the world can get along, and I believe that this is the next level in humanities evolution.

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  1. Nice video, it is definitely important to find purpose behind different things that you are doing not only to give you motivation, but to know where you are going.

    My biggest ‘why’ currently is simply the for the sake of improving and becoming more wise. The world is so infinite, and we so small, that I do not believe we will ever truly understand it enough to have a definitive purpose that we know is the best it can be. That is why my biggest personal motivation is to simply interact and learn to get the best goals and ideals I can. And because other people have such high concentrations of knowledge within them, what better way to understand the world than to learn social dynamics and exchange wisdom with others, right?

  2. I could not agree more my friend. I have heard that the number one cause of conflict between people is miscommunication. If a miscommunication were to gradually become less and less, then the amount of wisdom that can be exchanged would be immense.

    Breaking it down, we are very small like a glimmer in the eye of the universe and the only thing that we truly have is our own growth, our wealth of knowledge, and the connections that we make with other people rowing in the same boat, we call life.

  3. Sweet talk Mikey, love the train of thoughts passing by there.
    “People can talk, but fail to communicate” – Me. Most of the interactions going on these days are all in our self-interests and people aren’t like why should I help this guy/girl? But rather think, what do I get out of this?
    If we could do this all together, actually communicate, we could make our own and each others life so much more fun and a lot more exchange of value can take place where everyone benefits from.

    So instead of “why?”, perhaps it should be, “why not?”

  4. I completely agree Raph!

    When you start to form the mental habits that create positive relationships in your life. You will start to notice all of the leaks that there are in everyday socializing. The goal then must not be to just build relationships with everyone but rather to relate and lead. Relate to the person so that they have a reference point of what that level of relationship feels like and then lead the way to a higher exchange of value 🙂 When saying “why” or “why not” think about what that other person will think and how they will interpret it.

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