The Mikey B Show: 3 Steps to Overcome Personal Challenges

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Day to day every single person is working on something. Whether you’re working on a personal project or something for your job either way you are still applying yourself in one way or the other. In my experience I have found that there are a lot of personal problems that I have had to overcome in order to get the projects finished that I am working on.

Whenever you apply yourself you are putting your own personal brand on what it is you are doing. That is why I feel that most people will hit roadblocks or have to climb hills in order to solve the problems that are holding them back from success.

Jamie Hyatt is the Women’s Program Leader and Kingpin Social Goal Coach. She has personally inspired me to do even more great things in life and for the company. We are super happy to have her on the show.

Together Jamie and I came up with “The Three Steps to Overcome Personal Challenges.” Watch the video below to find out what they are.

Welcome back! Leave us a comment and let us know what are some personal challenges that you are either currently working on to overcome or just want to share.


  1. I liked listening to this a lot. However, unfortunately, because of all the tangents, I couldn’t remember what the three steps were at the end. I had to skip through the video after to identify each step and, for myself, I’d like either the bullet points condensed in an introduction or review.

    One big challenge for me is calling people who aren’t in my city. I want to keep those awesome relationships going, but it’s the easiest thing to “just call them some other time.” But I’m never in the mood for the phone, and soon I’m wishing them happy birthday over facebook. Yikes. I have a favourite park I like to go to during the day to relax, take a break and get some sun. Every day before I head back to work I’m going to call one person no matter what. If I’m happy, I’ll do it. If I’m sad, I’ll do it. If I’m tried, I’ll do it. I will just do it. This way I’ll be spending more time with my favourite people and I’ll get better on the phone. YES

  2. Thanks for commenting Ben! I totally agree and really appreciate the feedback! Breaking down the points visually will help with retainability. It’s hard to remember all of the points when there are giant gaps between points! I LOVE your goal of calling someone everyday. Set reminders in your phone and ask people who are close to you to keep you accountable to that goal. That way you are more willing to stick to it and remember it! 🙂

    Here are the three points for anyone who wants to see it broken down. (And so you don’t have to view the video twice)

    1. Identify the Insecurity- What are you afraid of? What is your insecurity? What are you challenged with?
    2. Accept it/ Share it- Acceptance is having the awareness that this is something that holds you back from growing. Acceptance is acknowledging that you NEED to change it for things to be different. Sharing- talk it out with a buddy, look for guidance in others and ask for accountability so you can work past it.
    3. Taking Action Regardless Of Emotional State- It’s ok to be emotional, and feelings aren’t wrong. Allowing yourself to stay in an emotional state without stepping outside of it to help yourself tackle the challenge or fear. Express your emotion BUT don’t let it keep you from moving forward. Shake it off and make an action plan and do it. No excuses.

    Apologies for my abuse of the word “like.” Definitely something I need to work on!

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