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The Secret to Stability and Success: How Your Intentions Shape Your Life.

On the surface, two identical actions should lead to the same consequence, right? Wrong! If the intentions behind each action are different, the results will be different. Your intentions are the most fundamental part of your existence and if you aren't tapping into this, you are selling yourself short. You can learn to tap into your true power by mastering your own operating system.

The Article Every Newbie Should Read

DON'T MISS THIS ARTICLE! Statistics in the pickup community show that 90% of guys who get involved in game in some form (studying, a few approaches, etc) will drop out within the first year. I couldn’t agree more. At the same time, I think this is totally fucked up! In this article I dive into this phenomenon and show you how you can avoid becoming a statistic, and instead, get the girls you want!