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How To Shift From A (-) Mindset To A (+) Mindset

Universe“Complaining continues to create the vibration of what you don’t want. Today, take your focus off of what is wrong and focus on what is right and how you desire things to be. Put all your love, energy, mental power and decision making towards what you want and do not entertain thoughts that are to the contrary. You are MORE responsible for the way you feel than your environment, circumstances or relationships. Step towards Love today, step towards the solution.” – Jackson Kiddard

You know those mornings where you wake up and everything seems to be insanely frustrating? The mornings where you wake up 20 minutes late, you can’t find your keys, you burn your cinnamon raisin bagel, and forget to put the lid on the blender for your morning shake. Your morning is a mess from the very moment you pressed the snooze button multiple times. You then get behind the wheel to drive 45 minutes in traffic to get to work. These compiled emotions can stack like bricks into a wall of pending doom. All of a sudden it seems like you are a giant magnet for the worst drivers, you hit every red light, and yup- zero parking stalls are available. You really thought that was going to be possible? Dream-on.

What you think; You will become.

The basic fundamentals of the law of attraction are: what we put out is what we receive. We all vibrate at different kinds of frequencies, let’s stick to just positive and negative, and that energy is than radiating out from your very core out into the universe. I like to visualize it like radio waves. Whichever vibration you are putting out into the world is that which you attract. The more you vibrate at that frequency the more it attracts the same. You can see how this can be a problem, but this isn’t all bad news because it can also be an incredible way to attract success and happiness. Those who focus on negativity and vibrate at a negative frequency, tend to attract everything they don’t (yet do) want. Negative people tend to focus on the result they don’t want but in doing so results in them getting what they do want by attracting what they don’t want… in order to be right. You following? This is called manifestation. If you don’t want to stub your toe but yet are convinced that you will in-fact stub your toe no matter how badly you don’t want to- you will. It’s a simple equation. You end up stubbing your toe because you wanted to stub your toe to show that you were right about how much your life sucks. It’s a way for you to boost your ego, to allow excuses and breed negativity to allow you to settle. Bring on the self-loathing and bouts of pity-parties. I have been there many times, in fact, I was there for a few days this past week.

The law of attraction and manifestation isn’t something I’ve recently learned but definitely something that has been a challenge to remind myself not to allow negativity to breed into my life as it tends to result in an overload of stress, sadness, apathy, and worst of all- procrastination.

In the past few weeks I managed to burn myself out by pushing myself too hard with all of my obligations. With the drop in my iron levels combined with my incredible ability to spread myself thin until breaking point- I have been a walking vibration of stress and exhaustion. Being so financially focused that my view of “half full” has turned into “half empty.” It’s sad, but true. I would be driving my truck and glance at my gas gage, it could be 3/4 full and I nervously tap my fingers against the steering wheel thinking about how much time I have ’till it’s empty again. I send myself into a nervous break-down worrying about everything. This obsession with lacking resulted into stress, feeling anxious, and procrastinate like a crazy lady, thus creating even more stress! After that comes what I call, Sabotage Mode.

Law of attraction

Be careful what you wish for

After realizing that I was fixating on my gas gage and felt like I was somehow mentally draining my tank by focusing on it so much, I ended up realizing that focusing on the inevitable wouldn’t allow me to focus on being more solution orientated. The stress took away from me working harder on doing the things I needed to get done. I looked in all the places I could to have proof that I was lacking and therefore I found it- cause that’s what I was so focused on. This reminded me how I use to be when I was working in retail. I would say things like “This person doesn’t like me” and every day I would search for reasons to validate my assumptions. Any facial expressions, gestures, and conversations I would dissect for meaning to prove that what I was thinking was correct. But in doing so I wasn’t being fair to the person or allowing myself to create a better foundation in developing a relationship with them. Recently I have been doing this with team members in order to sabotage myself from growing and to keep myself comfortable. I was looking for any proof that I wasn’t welcome or that they genuinely didn’t want me there, in order to say “I don’t think I should do this anymore…” because of how terrified I was in getting what I really want. I would tell myself every excuse I could possibly think of and I would look for every reason and proof to validate my ego and prove myself right.

If you look for it, you will always find it.

Shifting from a (-) to a (+)

After having an in-depth conversation with Mikey B, I was able to allow myself to drop my walls and face my ego for what it really was. I knew I was looking for a way to back out and I knew that if I looked for reasons why I should, I would find it. Negativity is like a snow-ball effect, it all starts with one little ball of snow and it grows larger and larger as it picks up speed and rolls down the hill- later crashing and destroying everything in its path. For me it started with the feeling of lacking and the stress of my financial state, at that moment I was vibrating at a ‘lacking’ or negativity frequency, I then started to attract even more negativity into my life thus creating a giant snow ball that took out everything I had built for myself.  (Insert an emotional break-down here.)

How do you get out of the negative frequency? Its actually very simple- but not always easy. You need to wake up everyday with the intention that everything is going to be awesome and declare for yourself that you won’t tolerate the negativity virus that has been spreading in your life. Also you need to create a process that will help you demolish the things that are keeping you at a negative frequency. You can’t expect change without any action! 😉

Here is my process for Shifting from a Negative State to Positive State:

  1. Declare
  2. Affirmations
  3. Write it down
  4. Take Action
  5. Get Creative
1. Declare- This may seem really goofy, but it works. You declare out loud that you won’t tolerate any more negativity from yourself and from any external factors. Here’s an example: “Ok Universe, I understand I’ve been a giant ball of negativity but it ends here and now. I will no longer accept from myself or from any external factors this negative vibration as it isn’t serving me any purpose, in fact its destroying everything I have worked hard towards. So this is it, I’m going to put out as much love and positivity imaginable. I will only allow things that foster a positive mindset and outcome.” 

Get Creative!

2. Affirmations- This is another declaration but in short form and you can use it through-out the day. For instance this morning I used: “This is going to be an awesome day!”I kept repeating it until it really resonated with in me.3. Write it down– Write down everything that is stressing you out or isn’t serving you. I call it a “mind dump” – I literally write everything down that is stressing me out and need to tackle to feel clear headed. If your job is stressing you out, then write it down and say why so you understand the actions you may need to take later on to fix your situation, etc.

4. Take Action– You know that list you just wrote out? One by one attack each thing and cross it off when its completed. Its like a giant blackboard and that blackboard is your mind. Everything on your mind, or blackboard, is taking up too much space to allow positive vibrations to come in or new experiences and tasks. This results in that feeling of being stuck. By taking one step at a time you will slowly erase parts of the blackboard allowing you to feel less stressed and to allow room for more positivity to breed. All that crowded space isn’t serving you- it’s taking away from you. So get’er done!

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” – Mikey B

5. Get Creative– Find a creative way that works for you to keep you accountable to your ‘Take Action List.’ I’m creative and need visual stimulation to help me get motivated so I created a board with my To DO list. It’s split in to categories, and every thing has a break-down of actions I need to complete. Once I complete a task, I get a sticker!  This isn’t for everyone so make sure you pick a way that works best for you. If you work better with excel sheets then do an excel sheet, and if you work better with reminders on  your phone then make sure you set reminders and alarms for each task. To work optimally is to understand what you need in order to be efficient and feel motivated.


How to Use Google Calendar to Take Your Lifestyle to the Next Level

At a recent IDI (Ideas Developing Ideas), a weekly social gathering of the brightest minds and dopest people in my social circle, I found myself sitting on the floor in my room having a good conversation with my friend David. David is a smart guy. The thing that separates David in my opinion is that he takes the time to do his research.

In the midst of our conversation he brought up an interesting point:

David: “You know what people say when I ask them what’s the one quality Cam has that they themselves wish they had?”
Cam: “My stunning good looks?”
David: “Your productivity.”

I was a bit stunned to say the least. I never identify with being “that” productive, to the point where others see it and wish to develop it themselves, but after taking a minute to let it sink, it makes sense. I am incredibly productive, and it’s for no other reason than due to my organization. I don’t view myself as productive, merely organized. By being organized I’m able to delegate the time necessary to complete the tasks I need to. Because of my busy schedule, I don’t have time to procrastinate and spend two hours of “work time” sitting around starring at a computer screen, dreaming about the vacation I have coming up. The vacation happens when I get my work done. The success I see is a direct result of my organization.

waking up on time

It Wasn’t Always This Way

Remember back to when you were a kid, going to school and having no cares or responsibilities? Remember how on the first day of every school year your teacher would sit you down and go over three things: rules of the classroom, some boring memo nobody ever paid attention to from the school’s principal, and handing out your new agenda notebook?

When my teacher handed me that agenda, I would scoff, “why does anybody need this thing?” as if using an agenda somehow made you weak and incompetent. The second I had a chance, I would be throwing that agenda in the garbage, an arrogant laugh would follow. Every year my teachers, bless their hearts, would try to convince me of the same thing: using it would be to my advantage, helping me be more organized leading to better grades. They failed to convince me every time. This only increased my motivation to live without one.

I don’t know what it was about using an agenda that I despised so incredibly, but these answers I will never know. Unsurprisingly, this attitude towards organization and keeping an agenda stayed with me for a very long time. My whole life actually, up until last year.

The change happened when I came back from Victoria, BC, after living there for five months I came home to Calgary determined to take my lifestyle to the next level. As I’ve talked about before, the first action I took was to change my default answer to invitations from “no” to “yes”. The reason I made this change was simple: when most people are invited to events, or things they may not normally do, they tend to default to saying no or maybe. People tend to not want to commit, and instead decide whether they are going to go to an event the day of – depending on their mood.

This doesn’t work very well though; because when you have an “out” you tend to take it. Especially when it comes to trying new things and pushing comfort zones. If you are making your decisions the day of, you never end up going. So many excuses are available to justify this, and none more common than “I’m tired.” If you take a second to think about this, it will amaze you how many times you use the excuse “I’m tired” to get out of things. When the fuck are you not tired? When I wake up I’m tired, during lunch hour I’m tired, when I get home from 9-5 I’m tired, and when I go to bed I’m tired. Nawmean?

Changing your default answer from no to yes will cause your lifestyle to instantly take off. It will surprise you how many invites you actually do get in your every day life, and for no real reason at all, turned down before. Nights after work will now be spent socializing with friends and building relationships with co-workers instead of sitting at home aimlessly starring at the TV screen watching TV shows you don’t give a fuck about, or playing video games you wish you could quit. You will begin to realize the options and opportunities your life does have, and it was just a matter of you taking advantage of them.

After doing this for a few weeks, you will run into a new problem: you don’t seem to have enough time for everything. This is frustrating to experience, but the irony is, this is in fact, as I like to say “a good problem to have”.

Now it’s Time to Get Organized.

This is where Google Calendar comes into play. I remember one day a few months ago, I was hanging out with Kevin at his new place near Stanley Park. We had both been using Google Calendar furiously for over a year now. Our calendars constantly full morning to night. Obviously not only filled with work though, but socializing and cool events too. I asked Kevin a question I had recently been thinking about:

Cam: “Yo Kev, how would your life change if you didn’t use Google Calendar?”
Kevin: “I would be just as busy, but get half as much done.”

google calendar

I couldn’t have agreed more. The benefit of using Google Calendar is that you are now organized. Well… maybe not yet, but if you use it and work at it you will be. There are only so many hours in the day, which means you can also only accomplish as much. The only way you are going to accomplish as much as possible is if you schedule it appropriately. Not only that but being organized means you can plan ahead appropriately, helping you live a balanced life. You can now find time for all your work-related appointments, socializing, passions, family commitments and of course downtime. (Yes, you should even schedule your downtime.) I also like to include lifestyle events I hear about around the city such as art shows, dance performances, DJ gigs, and festivals.

Another benefit to Google Calendar is that it keeps you accountable. Do not schedule something unless you are committed to seeing it through. You can use your calendar to keep you accountable to going to the gym, getting up on time, or even completing tasks by the deadline. Google Calendar is a tool to take your lifestyle to the next level, through organization and accountability. You will begin to value your time more seriously and in turn, value yourself the same.

Google Calendar is without a doubt, one of the highest recommended tools I suggest for someone looking to seriously take their lifestyle to the next level. Best of all, it comes free with any google account, and will even sync with your smartphone.


Building Integrity… and Freeing Time!


You answer your I-Phone to be greeted by the voice of your best friend. He sounds stoked, and after a quick hello he gets to the point of the phone call.

“Bro! There’s a sick DJ show coming to town on Friday!”

Friday! Sounds sick, you’re in. Hanging up the phone you feel weird though, you feel like there’s something going on Friday. Only a passing thought, you move on with your day looking forward to the DJ show. Marcus Schultz?! Fuck yeah.

Friday rolls around as the day seems to fly by. The drive home from work passes by in minutes. You make your way through the front door of your house, throw down your work bag and run to the shower. Singing Brittany Spears and dancing to “Toxic”, you stop brushing your teeth as you notice your phone buzz on the counter. You look down to see a text from your Mom.

Mom: Hey honey! I’m excited that you’re coming over for dinner tonight.

Mama’s gonna be a – REAL mad!

Life get’s busy, for real. Sometimes it can feel like you have no free time to do anything. Especially planning in advance, I know I never used to plan more than two days in advance. Agreeing to plans a week ahead is easy, sticking to those plans isn’t always as simple.

Think about the way you spend your time right now, and the people you spend your time with. We tend to get immersed in the moment, going with the flow wherever we go without thinking about the time being spent. That’s good, living in the moment is very important, however we also find ourselves limited in the people we have time to spend with, and also the time that we have to ourselves.

I found that applying the simple idea in this article for me was a lot easier in theory than in application. In fact, I hated the idea of mapping out my life. I figured, I wanted to live my life the way I wanted to live it, in the moment, as it came.

However, I found that once I organized my calendar, I was able to do everything that I wanted to do with my time… and more. Being immersed in the moment is good, but sometimes I find that I get carried away, and slack off in the moment. I’m never slacking off if I know how much time I have to get a project done.

The best part about a calendar is that you’re putting things in your calendar that you want to do. I used to not want to be limited by my calendar, but I never put anything in my calendar that I don’t want to do. The only things that go in my calendar are the things that I love to do. It’s 10x more efficient too, because with my calendar organized it allows me to do everything that I want to do, not just some of the things.

Stick to Your Word!

I know, when I first heard the idea of a calendar I was at the same place you are. “Fuck that!” But as a man with a changed opinion, I can tell you that my calendar has organized my life to fit everything that I love to do in it. I find that I’m MORE BUSY but getting LESS DONE when my time isn’t organized properly with my calendar. Especially when you decide to take yourself seriously on the path to self – development. There’s a lot that needs to get done in a day, and if you don’t have it all organized sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed.

My recommendation to you is this: As I did, sign up for a G – Mail. Smartest thing you will ever do. The calendar option that you get with your account will allow you to fit everything that you love to do in your life. Update it nightly! It takes 5 minutes, and the benefits of organization are enormous. I felt an instant relief, seeing my schedule for the week mapped out in front of me. I find that I’m able to be a man of integrity, and be the places that I say I’m going to be, when I make plans with people. It’s easy to avoid double – booking and ditching on the plans that seem the ‘least fun’ for the moment if you have your week organized.

Get on it, son! It may be the smartest thing that you could do with 10 minutes of your day, next to eating a bowl of Fruit Loops.

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How to Eliminate Stress and Increase Productivity (In 2 Minutes or Less!)

Today I want to introduce you guys to a stupid simple rule that will make a massive difference in your life.

At least it has for mine.

The 2-Minute Rule:

Pretty self-explanatory right?

The reason this works is simple: it eliminates many of the small tasks that take 20 seconds to do… but because of that so many people avoid doing them, and they end up piling up.

When these small things pile up, you quickly become discouraged (“Ugh! I have soooo much to do”) and this kick starts that evil procrastination cycle.

I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about. This is so fucking common.

When I implemented this rule, I began to see immediate dividends. If I was being lazy, it would push me to just get these small tasks out of the way, so I could focus on the main tasks of the day. It almost became an accountability system of sorts. Because I value myself and have a certain standard I expect that reflects that, being lazy on these smallers tasks became unacceptable.

One of the best examples I can give you is with your dishes…

If you cook at home, you always end up with a bunch of dishes. After dinner you’ll have pots and pans to wash, bowls, a fork and spoon, and at least one glass. This isn’t very much, but who washes them right away? Nobody.

So you finish cooking, and sit down to eat. After eating you might take 2 minutes to put the dishes in the sink, you might not. You might take 2 minutes to rinse them off, you might not. I don’t know you. But the most likely scenario is at the end of dinner, you have dishes in your sink.

And then you go do something else. Maybe you’re in a rush. Maybe you are just tired after a long day of work. After sitting on the couch for awhile, you realize you’re too lazy/tired/whatever to actually get up and do your dishes.

The next day you wake up and head to work. You throw your breakfast dishes in the sink before heading out the door. You don’t have time to do the dishes in the morning because you most likely hit your snooze button a bunch of times and are now running late. Again… this is common stuff here. After working all day you come home tired (as always) and make dinner. The cycle continues.

But this is what you probably don’t realize…

Every time you walk by your sink and it’s filled with dishes, you lose a ton of mental energy.

A loss of mental energy turns into a loss of physical energy. AND you still have to set aside time to do your dishes. That sucks! I know dishes are never a priority for me, so setting aside time to do it once it has piled up is most likely not going to happen.

And as the pile builds, your attitude plummets. You start to become more negative. And that leads into other areas too. You probably bitch about not having time to do everything you need to do. Your job sucks, etc.

Think this is extreme? It’s not. This happens every fucking day.

So what if you instituted the 2-minute rule? How would the outcome be different?

The 2-minute rule would dictate that during or after dinner, you would at least rinse your dishes, and probably put them in the dishwasher if you have one. If you don’t, then you’d cook, rinse, eat, and then wash. It’s that simple. If you only have 5 dishes in your sink, it will take less than 2-minutes to have them on a drying rack waiting to be put away.

The next time you’re in the kitchen, you would take the 30 seconds it would take to put the dishes away in your cabinets.

Andddddd now that task is DONE.

You save all the mental energy you would have wasted procrastinating about it.

Andddddddd this momentum will snowball into other areas. Like it has for me.

Anytime I would go on a road trip, go camping, or travel across the USA for 5 weeks I always came home with a bag full of dirty clothes. Not only that, but I would be completely exhausted and had no desire to do anything at all, other than lay in my bed and watch movies. Nothing wrong with that right?

But then what I found was that laundry would sit there for a few days, and eventually become a burden. I would begin to procrastinate on it, and lose all that mental energy.

So lately whenever I come home from one of these trips, the first thing I do is put all of that dirty laundry into the washing machine. The laundry is usually one load, maybe two max, so it really doesn’t take me long. Clothes go in, machine turns on, and I can go lay in my bed all I want.

The next day when I wake up, my laundry is done, and I’m starting my week off right. I wake up with one or two fewer tasks on my plate, instead of having this and that still to do before I can even start on my week; by this point, I’m already behind. This has allowed me to be that much more productive, and allows my mind to be at ease.

Institute the 2-minute rule TODAY: if it can be done in 2-minutes or less, do it now.

Speaking of which, I better go clean the kitchen before Brian gets home, otherwise it will throw his day off too.

Hope this helps!

If it did please share it with your friends. Also if you are in Calgary over Stampede, hit me up. I will be out for all 10 days. Add me on Facebook and we will rendezvous.

Want a 2-Minute Rule Wallpaper?:

Here you go, in high resolution: Click here or here