Phone and Text Conversations 101

PhoneIn today’s world communication is much more than face to face interaction. Our cell phones buzz in our pockets more than 10 times per day. Our Facebook is loaded with messages every day. Our email inboxes are littered with new notifications and we’re expected to be a part of this network.

Technology can be a useful tool. It can also be your biggest downfall. You can have the social skills of a confident leader in person but lack the technological know-how and miss out on numerous opportunities. Text and phone conversation is something that happens every day with everyone. Learning how to use to your advantage is one of the smartest uses of your time.

The Phone is Your Friend

Electronic communication goes much deeper than you think it does. In text and phone communication there are the things that are being said and the things that are not being said. The sub-text – the conversation beneath the conversation – means more than what is being said.

We’ve got some resources that will take your electronic communication to the next level.


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