Guest Post: How to Live a Balanced Lifestyle

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Enter Alden…

Do you remember the line: “Too much of something is never a good thing”? It’s a very familiar phrase and also a very universal notion in life. But what you don’t know is that this very notion is actually part of a bigger aspect in life, and that aspect is having balance.

What Having Balance in Life Means

Having balance in life means adjusting your lifestyle so that you achieve a sense of your own self, right smack in the middle. In order to do this you cannot have too much of something in your life. Every area of your life is equally important to your balance. One area causing problems will throw everything else out too.

Why Having Balance in Life is Important

Let this be a personal account on why having balance is important in life. Relax, we aren’t going to get too hokey-pokey or philosophical. To me, one fact of life stands out above the rest to prove why balance is extremely important: We are only human.

Human, in the modest sense of the word, whom cannot handle extremes. We are but a ball of emotions and feelings. When we have too much of something we actually tug on an emotional string that never seems to end. Or does it?

It’s my own personal belief that having too much of a good thing is not good. Unless you have mastered balance in yourself, this particular thing may not be good for you. It mellows you out. It makes you sick of it. The reason why it’s good in the first place fades away. Money is of course, the best example. How often have you heard of people, having won the lottery or big winnings from the casino, had their lives change from bad to worse after having too much cash in hand? According to the IRS in the USA, 70% of six figure lottery winners are broke again within 5 years.

We are just humans. We can’t have too much of something. We need to shift focus and attention to something else once in a while. That is when we get appreciate about what is actually going on around us.


Note: This is not to say you should have something bad in your life. There is no should in that. We are just human. Bad things, unfair situations and daunting challenges are bound to hit each and every one of us anyway.

Balance keeps you real

When you keep things in balance, it means you are actively trying to allow your being, body and spirit to be in tune with yourself and the rest of the world. I see balance as a way of keeping things real for yourself. Being real means being true to yourself, yet realizing what you are and what you represent to the world. For example, you believe in following your passion of art since it makes you happy. But can that alone allow you to survive in the world? If it can’t, the world isn’t going to see you as someone who follows his passion, but perhaps someone who is just too lazy to get a job.

Hence, what better way of finding balance within yourself, but by just being real and keeping it real?

Balance Out Your Life

Find that balance. Allow your centre of being, to be right at the centre. Construct a lifestyle in which your heart is being followed, yet realize how you can actually fit this prospect in the world. Do what you love, but be loved too.


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