Enter Intermittent Fasting

“You’re doing WHAT!?” That’s the reaction I usually get when I tell people I’m fasting. I’m sure many of your jacked friends have told you that the only way to grow or lose weight is to eat 6-8 meals/day. I don’t argue that you can lose weight or put on muscle by eating that way, however I’m all about the path of least resistance. Can I achieve the same results with less effort? After all, my main goal is to build a powerful and attractive body that looks great naked without having my whole life revolve around food and working out.

The 5-second overview

• It’s the Original Human Diet
• We all intermittent fast in someway or another. Simply put, when you’re not eating, you’re fasting.
• It’s gaining popularity and promising results from recent studies.
• Emotional freedom from not having your life revolve around when to eat.
• It’s flexible, I have a drink whenever I want and eat junk food 3-4 times a week guilt free.
• I’m stronger and leaner than I’ve ever been in my entire life.
• I eat a massive calorie dense food such as white rice, potatoes and every now and then eat sugary cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch “My favorite!”) post work out.
It can save you an incredible amount of money. I would spend copious amounts of money on having to eat when that internal clock of 3 hours would go off.

Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Decreased Risk of Heart Disease

Chronically high levels of glucose have been shown to increase inflammation, which can lead to heart disease, joint pain, and other problems. Fasting only exposes you to high amounts of exogenous (from the outside) carbohydrate for part of the day.

On the left is Canto (27 years old…which is like 80+ years old for a human) and on the right is Owen (only one year older). Canto is fed with about 30% less calories than Owen (CR). Which one do you think looks more vibrant, leaner and younger?

Live Longer

Reducing your calories has been the commonality in people who live the longest in regards to diet. Intermittent fasting helps you get the best of both worlds eating large quantities of food during your re-feed. During your fast if done properly you won’t be thinking of food and have the hunger pangs that you have come to expect when eating so frequently.

Consistent & Stable Energy

When you’re training your body to burn fat instead of carbs you no longer feel so lethargic during the day.

Improved Mood

I remember being so grumpy when I didn’t have food at my fingertips every 3 hours. I can plan my day more efficiently and have the emotional freedom of not being a slave to food.

Contrary to what many people say fasting does not decrease mental function. It has even shown to prevent age related brain atrophy and improve focus during the fasted state.

Fat Burning

Beta oxidation (fat burning) will lead to an improved body composition and a may help you get to those single digit body fat levels with less effort. I was able to maintain single digit body fat for the longest period of time while on “IF”.

Decrease Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease of insulin dis-regulation and glucose intolerance. Studies show that fasting causes your body to become more insulin sensitive. Instead of constantly being overloaded with a steady stream of glucose, your pancreas is able to release insulin in pulses.

Increased VO2 Max

This means you can transport more oxygen to your cells during exercise. This allows smoother breathing and an increased ability to perform at high intensities.

Goodbye Tupperware

My favorite part about “IF” is not having to pack food every time I’m away from my house for more than 3 hours. I used to carry a can of tuna and bag of mixed nuts with me everywhere. With all the tuna I was eating I thought I was growing gills.

$ave Money

How much money have you spent on Protein bars and running to the store to pick up beef jerky. Or worse, ordering McDonalds and throwing away the bun to get that extra protein through out the day. Ask me any fast food joint and I’ll be able to tell you what you can eat on a 6-8 meal a day diet.


If you’re looking for a way to get started I’d highly encourage you to check out my favorite websites for all Intermittent fasting and fitness information.


My Results

David O'Neill


  1. This is interesting David. But isn’t this only for cutting fat, not building muscle? Most people won’t gain mass without consuming a lot of calories every day. In your own pictures you got way more ripped but I don’t see a difference in the size of your arms.

    Aside from that, the health benefits are pretty compelling.

  2. Hello Andrew, thanks for the comment. You can still gain mass on Intermittent fasting. I’m actually currently on a bulk program right now. I’ll have a post on my personal blog about my bulk. I currently walk around at 140lbs my initial goal was to reach a desired body fat percentage before proceeding to a bulk. There is a scientific explanation to it but to summarize, your body is a lot more receptive to a bulk when you’re at a single digit bf. It all boils down to “IIFYM” (If it fits your macros) If your goal is to increase your muscle mass with minimal fat gain you would adjust your macros. I’d encourage you to check out http://www.leangains.com and see the testimonials & clients section. You will see dozens of successful recomps, bulks, & cuts.
    Thanks for reading!

  3. I should note as well the photo at the top of the post is Martin Berkhan who has been doing intermittent Fasting now for over 5 years.

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