Cam in the USA. An Update After Vegas


Currently on a plane heading to Washington, DC; I’ve been in Las Vegas Nevada for the last week.

It’s been an interesting trip so far. I’m halfway done, 2 cities down, 2 left to go. I’ll be back home in about 2 weeks time.

I’ve been feeling pretty good the whole time. To put it more accurately though, I’ve had a hard time putting my finger on a word to describe how I’ve felt.

I talked to Kevin about it, and his opinion was a high level of confidence. I believe this to be at least partially true (I am feeling very confident for sure), but I don’t know that is the exact definition to describe what I’m feeling.

So what is it?

I still don’t know. But what I can tell you is this: I like it.

Since the moment I got to the airport to head on my trip, it’s like a click went off in my head, and ever since I have felt like I do now.

I feel extremely calm. And I mean to an extreme degree. It’s a zen-like feeling.

My anxiety levels are pretty much non-existent. I have a very chill vibe.

I’m about as outcome independent as you can be – no agenda, just looking for a good time, good conversation – just looking to socialize.

I guess that comes from travelling solo. It does get a bit lonely so whenever you actually interact with someone it’s always really nice. I’ve had a few really cool conversations with a bunch of different people on the trip. What’s interesting is that I didn’t force any of them. They ALL happened 100% naturally, just by people being drawn to good vibes (ages, sex, race irrelevant). I like this a lot, especially because it’s happened multiple times in different cities; and I know with certainty it will happen in both Washington DC and New York City too!

It’s all about your VIBE.

SO how can you work on your vibe? Well, honestly I don’t know too much about that. I don’t feel like it’s my place to tell you how when it’s only beginning to happen to me, in a way that is 100% natural, 100% normal.

But what I can tell you is this: I don’t believe this happened overnight. In my post “Cam; The Last 14,592 Hours” I talked about how I’ve been building myself up to the point I am now by making little changes consistently over the last few years. It’s been a process, and I continue to build every single day. A quote that I live by is “Every day, in every way, I keep getting better and better.”

My buddy Myke (expect a guest post from him in June) has a quote tattooed across his chest that I really like too. It says “Better than Yesterday”, and that’s exactly how I think you should view your life. Get better EVERY SINGLE DAY. Compounding overtime, those little changes will make a massive difference.

So I’ll leave with you this: here is a list of changes I’ve been working on daily that I believe have brought me to this point now. Expect posts in the future on each of these, where I will go more into detail about how you can implement them into your life.

(in no particular order)
– Being assertive
– Being organized
– Going with the flow
– Not taking life too seriously
– Taking MYSELF extremely seriously
– Not being “ok” with being average in ANY area of my life
– Making my bed EVERY DAY
– Maintaining a living situation I can be proud of
– Making decisions
– Focusing on self-esteem not confidence
– Pushing my comfort zone
– Obtaining balance in my lifestyle
– Developing a side passion project
– Reading
– Being honest with myself and with others

So there you have it. I hope you are inspired by the list and can begin to make these changes too. How do you plan on implementing these? Which ones do you need help with? I’d love to hear from you! Comment below and let’s get a discussion going about these concepts. Don’t be shy. Seriously. One concept that has had a massive difference in my life is “being assertive”. One way you can implement that RIGHT NOW is commenting in the mother fucking section below. I hope every single person that reads this post will do that… even just to say what’s up.

Last thing before I go: Before I went on my trip to New York City last summer, I made the decision to become more assertive. This was the first time I made that decision, and I say it pay off immediately, in the form of one of the coolest stories from that trip (also one of the coolest moments of my life). What happened? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

HA! Peace!

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  1. FED-up. Sorry to hear about it! Being a husband who was overindulged in games you don’t have to be the mother figure telling him no, it’s good you see it like that!
    Your his wife you should be able to just say that you need help children are a joy but also and handful, for me I can only imagine 3!(with one
    on the way).
    Date nights helped me and my wife reconnect we set Saturday nights for a walk and then dinner. Soon I had totally lost intrest in my games and everything returned to how it was previous to the games. It’s your husband go get him girl !

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