Hey what’s up! Myke here..

myke macapinlac kingpin socialI consider myself to be an “Aspiring Everything-ist.”

I strive to be awesome at all the things I’m passionate about, one thing at a time. I’ve worn many hats and finally, I found one that fits just right.

I’m a bad-ass writer and aspiring entrepreneur. Social Dynamics student. Former structural designer and fatty. Your-friendly-neighborhood server. Bartender extraordinaire. Life enthusiast. Sober socialite. Retired male shooter and ladies night manager. Style consultant. Music lover. Future best-selling author and a hopeless romantic.

Mind you, I didn’t start off like this. 

I’ve been in the night club industry for over 5 years. Yes, I had a lot of situational power. I was getting a significant amount of success with women. At least I thought. I don’t know what it was, but I felt there was still a void within me. I “had” girls, I didn’t “have” girls. I couldn’t figure it out for the longest time. 

After hundreds of dollars spent on alcohol, days of being hung over and my heart broken multiple times, I finally said “Fuck it.” I came to the conclusion that I’ve hit social rock bottom. 

That’s what led me to call up Kingpin Social. I was very skeptical to the idea of the bootcamp. Why? Because I felt like I should be sufficient enough as a man that I should just be able to fix it on my own. That was my ego. After I’ve set that aside, I said “I need help and I can’t do this on my own.” I took the bootcamp and that’s one, if not the best decision I’ve made for my life thus far.

Now, I have unlimited options not just with the girls that I date but with the job that I’ve created for myself. 

Yes, I was able to create my own job. 

Guess what, I can’t get fired! I choose when I work and who I work with. I never thought I’d be able to live my life that I had only seen on TV. I was able to achieve all of this and more from the awareness of the value that I could give to people. 

Kingpin Social made it happen for me. My only regret is I didn’t do this sooner. Imagine where I would be now. Are you still wondering and saying “I should’ve, I could’ve, I would’ve?” If you have that urge within you and you still have that void, why don’t you just give these guys a shout and sit down for coffee? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Now, I have an amazing opportunity to work with the company as an instructor and live my life by giving for the sake of giving without expecting anything back. Because of the bootcamp, I am able to be more selective and take full control of my life in all aspects. I don’t need to gamble my future.

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Here are three questions to be answered at the end of our lives. 

Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?

Through Social Dynamics, I believe I can say yes to all three. How? By giving freely, understanding other people’s perception of value and being in an environment conducive for growth.

I believe that if I help enough people get what they want, I’ll get what I want eventually. 

Be self-assertive and grab the driver seat. Life shouldn’t start Friday night and end Monday morning. Why? Because if you know better, you would do better. 

Think About it.

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–David, Office Manager