3 Ways to Show Love on Mothers Day

by Brian

Written by Brian Mark.

11078094_10155396582120398_6738624212813367372_nMy alarm jolted me awake at 8am.

My eyes opened to hear the music of the radio playing 5 feet away from me.

I got out of bed in a hurry, made my bed in a record breaking 18 seconds, and sat on the computer chair beside my desk.

90.3 Amp Radio was broadcasting their station through my silence.

Mom It’s Time That You Knew…

Radio Host: “In celebration of Mothers Day, 90.3 Amp Radio is going to be doing a “Mom… It’s Time That You Knew Contest”. Got something you want to tell your mother? We’re giving away a $200 shopping spree to Marlborough Mall for your confession. Caller, what’s your confession today?”

Caller: “I want to confess to my mother that I’m going into porn!”

Radio Host: “How old are you?”

Caller: “I’m 18 years old.”

The radio host dialed the Mother’s number and pretended not to be on the line. The phone rang once, twice, and then the mother picked up.

She sounded confused about the random phone call. The 18 year old girl called her mother and confessed her desire to be in porn as “pretty much an actor!”

The Radio Show host took over before the conversation could continue any further.

Radio Host: Mom!! Hahaha, heyy, I’ve got something to tell you.

Mom: .. What? Who are you? This is so crazy I can’t believe it!!

Radio Host: You’re on 90.3 Amp Radio’s “Mother Its Time You Knew Contest”

Happy Mothers Day?

It’s been five months since I decided to re-kindle the relationship with my mother.

My mother and I had an off and on relationship while I was growing up. We had our differences, and whenever we fought I couldn’t bring it to myself to go up and be the first one to apologize. I’ve always been stubborn. It’s a trait that was hard to let go.

On Christmas Day of 2011, I wrote her a poem to express my love. It was the first time in my life that I showed my mother that side of me. I always thought that I had to be the man of the house, and being the man meant never show my emotion.

I don’t think you should call your mother and confess that you want to be in porn, but I do think it’s time to show your love for the woman who is largely responsible for making you who you are.

Mother’s Day is May 10th and getting caught up in the chaos of life is easy. It’s just as easy to forget, as it is to call and show appreciation.

It doesn’t matter whether you forgot or you gave your mother a great gift this Mothers Day, it’s never a bad day to show mamma some love.

Here are three ways to show your mother some love:

#1: The Small Note

The most thoughtful ideas mean the most.

The spoken word can be intimidating – a small note is a simple way of leaving a massive mark. It’s easier to express ourselves in a note, and we don’t have to be around to feel anxiety if we don’t want to!

Leave the note on her computer, or somewhere she’ll find it while going about her everyday routine. Write something that will make her feel appreciated.

#2 The Off – Air Phone Call

You don’t need Amp Radio’s contest to confess your appreciation. Building a better relationship with your mother is just a phone call away. It doesn’t have to be a big deal either – call her and at some point in the call let her know you’re grateful. Tell her how much you appreciate what she’s done for you, taking you to practice, paying for your school, supported you in your life.

#3 Let Halmark Do the Talking

You may not be the type to write out a note. Phone calls may not be for you either. Let Halmark do the talking for you. They’ve got cards and notes to infinity and beyond – it’s up to you to pick out a card that is going to make your mother feel appreciated. A small message can mean the entire world.

Words Are Powerful

Your mother knows that it was Mothers day! Did you make her feel apprecaited yet?

A simple call is all it takes. A bit of time and energy on your part and you have the power to make your Mother’s entire day better. I like AMP Radio’s idea, I think today’s the day your mother knew.

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