The ability to have ninja communication skills using social media and your cell phone is currently at your fingertips.

“I’m sick of getting a phone number, and having it go nowhere. I don’t know what to say, or where I’m going wrong.”




The telephone is what makes or breaks your success in real world connections. This is true for landing more business meetings, getting more dates and building a social circle you can be proud of.

Those who know how to meet new people understand the power of  the skill. Most people are able to exchange contact information, but are ineffective at communicating with the person once they have their number.

The only other products out there that help you build effective phone communication teach you “routines” and “lines”, and cost upwards of $99.

The Continued Connection: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Communication is the first book of its kind; diving into the ability to read between the lines. This in depth understanding allows you to strengthen every and any connection you desire.

Who Are You, and Why Should I Trust You?

brian markMy name is Brian Mark. I am an instructor for Kingpin Social. I’ve dedicated myself to personal growth over the course of the past 4 years, approaching people with the intent of expanding my network. For the first 3 years of my journey I could meet anyone that I wanted. The problem for me wasn’t in the approach.

It was in the follow up.

A year and 2 months ago I moved in with Cam Adair of Kingpin Social. Cam opened my eyes to the opportunities I was wasting, the opportunities that were already at my fingertips. There was no point in going out and meeting new people and bringing them into my network, if I didn’t know how to communicate with the network that I already had.

Over the course of the past year I’ve spent my time developing an efficient system to take you from pen pal, to face friend. I find that most people don’t have an issue approaching people, and getting the numbers they want. The number does not mean an option. Getting a phone number means that you have a chance at a continued connection.

The ability to follow up effectively with these new friends and turn the phone number into a real friend is essential.

The Truth About Today’s World

In today’s world technological communication is a necessity. There isn’t a day you can wake up and not communicate with people on Facebook, or talk to anyone on your phone. The amount of time that the average person spends on communicating through their phone – or social media – is astounding.

If communicating electronically is a necessity in today’s world it just makes sense to understand the most efficient process. I’m here today to present you the solution to the failed connections you’ve had up to this point, and to prevent any failed connections in the future.

 Join thousands of people who’ve joined this site and take a second to ask yourself the question.

“How many opportunities have I missed out on, due to a failed cell phone interaction?”

Knowing how to communicate effectively with the people that you meet and the people that are currently in your network, means that you have more options. This book will guarantee you instant results in your dating life, social circle and business deals. This book brings you up to date, in depth, unique theory to take your electronic communication to the next level.

The Continued Connection comes with a rock solid 30 day money back guarantee. That means that if this book and it’s side bonuses don’t provide you with the necessary tools to improve your electronic communication over the next 30 days, I’ll take all the responsibility myself and guarantee you your money back.

The Continued Connection comes with not only the content of this awesome guide but also with exclusive access to the Continued Connection Article Connection. This will be dedicated to submitted reader questions. Once you purchase the book you will have unlimited access to my email inbox. That means that any questions you have when it comes to electronic communication will be answered within 14 days.

The best questions will be chosen and articles will be written on those questions: eliminating any potential obstacle you may run into while electronically communicating. Facebook, text messages, emails and phone conversations are here to stay. Here’s your chance to understand the ONLY up to date method on this subject..

What are you waiting for? I personally guarantee results in the form of new friends, strengthened relationships, more dates and overall improved communication. Any social communication outside of face to face interaction is covered in this book

Your satisfaction is my number one concern; I will only prosper if you have prospered first.

The only other books on this subject matter are subject to lines and routines. The other books  run purely off of the motive “get more girls,” and compare at an astounding $99. The Continued Connection is catered to all audience members, guys and girls alike, and does not give you any lines or routines. The Continued Connection is for businessmen, entrepreneurs, salesmen, promoters, guys, girls, anyone who communicates with their target audience using technology. The Continued Connection’s focus is to give you the template for understanding the sub – communication of messaging and phone conversation.

Having this understanding allows you to be in charge of the subtext – thus – in control of the outcome of your interactions.

Products like the Continued Connection compare at $99. I’m happy today to let you know that The Continued Connection is available for you, for just $19.99. That $19.99 investment is guaranteed to improve all elements of your electronic communication within 30 days, for the rest of your life. I personally guarantee results or your every cent of your money back.

Now is the time. There is no risk on your end, you have my personal guarantee that this method I’ve designed is extremely efficient. It works for everyone. This No Risk, High Reward offer is being taken advantage of by thousands of people just like you, who are interested in improving their communication skills.


  • I always say the wrong thing when I’m texting a girl that I like. Will this book point me in the right direction?

Without question his book points you in the right direction. This book talks a lot about the mindsets you should have while messaging, the kinds of conversation topics that are the best, and brings clarity to any potential issue that you may be having. Most people think there is something wrong with the things they’re saying. This usually isn’t the case. It’s usually in the delivery of their message.

  • I’m a 26 year old female, and I run my own business. Calling clients is an essential part of that. Will this book help me?

Absolutely. This book was written in a format that caters to ALL audience members; business owners included. The book covers the importance of your voice while on the phone, breaks down the voice into three separate categories you can work on and improve to increase the amount of success that you have.

I use the theory outlined in this book to this day for my business, and it allows me to be extremely successful with my potential clients.

  • Money back guarantee? What makes you so confident in your product?

I’ve been going out and meeting people for the past 3 years now, the last year has been spent developing this system that I bring to you today. Over the course of the last year, I was the guinea pig to the method which Kingpin Social and I designed. I can now say – with certainty – that the content in this book has made my electronic communication extremely efficient.

Every question that you would ever have about electronic communication is answered in this book. If it’s not answered, with the book purchase you will be given access to the Continued Connection Article Collection. This article collection will be full of articles answering any questions that you have about messaging and phone conversations.

I was sick of going out and meeting people only to have it die out over the phone. I eventually decided to learn from the mistakes I made, instead of wasting  4 nights a week getting 3 phone numbers per night.

I can say with complete confidence, that this book will take your electronic communication to the next level, no matter how good it already is.