Parent Original Copy

Since giving my TEDx talk on “Escaping Video Game Addiction” on September 23rd, I’ve received countless emails from concerned parents asking how they can help their son/daughter quit playing video games.

“How can I convince my 15 year old son to quit and do something else?”

This is a question we’ve been tirelessly seeking an answer for.

Although the method to help someone quit playing video games we’ve developed has worked tremendously for those who have decided themselves that they want to quit, we are still in a stage of researching it from the other side: how do you convince them to quit when they don’t want to!

With this in mind, we wanted to reach out to you, as a parent, and ask you to share your story with us.

You can send us an email with the details below.

Here are questions we’d love to hear your answers to:

  • What is your story? Will you share your situation with us?
  • When you bring up the topic of quitting video games, what is their reaction? What is the conversation like?

We look forward to hearing from you.