The Best Way To Learn And Apply Social Skills In High School, Guaranteed.

Get Great Social Skills In High School is an online course that takes the learning curve off of social skills in high school and takes away any social uncertainty.

⇒ Feel confident talking to other students in and out of class
⇒ Learn how to avoid awkward situations
⇒ Never second guess your relationship building skills again
⇒ Learn to become “The Guy”
⇒ Start choosing your social circle, instead of your social circle choosing (or not) you
⇒ Knowing what to say in conversations without coming across as “trying hard”

Since the dawn of time, social skills have been the cornerstone of High School memories. I can remember now the best times memories I had in school were the ones with my closest friends. Quickly those thoughts are clouded out by the awkward and creepy situations I created with fellow students because I didn’t have the social skills that I wanted.


Why Do I Care About Social Skills In High School?

I NEVER had the friends that I wanted and I could not seem to figure out why. When I tried to make new friends I failed on a COLOSSAL level not just in execution but also in MOTIVATION to do so. This created a LOT of STRESS in my life.

I NEVER knew how to make new friends. My friends weren’t that great however, mediocre friends are better then no friends. So I stayed within my social circle hating myself for not being able to break free from my own prison.

I NEVR had CONFIDENCE with GIRLS in school. I knew that I WANTED to talk to them, but I RARELY did. When I did go talk to them I failed, which in turn made me feel like a failure.

I NEVER had a solution to BULLYING. I have been able to account most of the insecurities I have today from experiences like bullying. In High School I was the butt end of most jokes, over time I was worn down to feel smaller then I already was.


I NEVER had anyone to GUIDE me. I turned to counselors, teachers, friends, principles, and even my parents. The problem was that I never felt like anyone really understood my situation. “They just didn’t get it.” I felt alone.

What I Did To Solve My Problems

When I just turned 18 years old, I had an opportunity to make some long needed changes in my life. I moved to Winnipeg and was forced to start meeting new friends and creating dating options for myself. Knowing that the years of High School had affected me I had to overcome the limiting beliefs I had in myself.

Determined to overcome these limiting beliefs I started to approach people that I was interested in talking to. Every interaction was another step forward past my blockade of insecurities.

After a hard, yearlong trip to Vancouver Island, I setup home in Calgary. Quickly I became connected with the organization Kingpin Social. I started coaching other guys who were overcoming similar struggles. Every opportunity to coach was an opportunity to learn. After a while I started to see patterns in the men who I was coaching and myself. They all had similar issues in High School creating new friends and having the confidence to talk to girls.


Finally after obliterating my limiting beliefs I made the decision to create a program that pulls the problem out with the roots attached. I want to share my secrets of social interactions with those of you in High School right now that aren’t living the social life that YOU want. “That’s why program Get Great Social Skills In High School was created.”

For Parents: Is This For My Son?

I didn’t need any course in high school to develop my social skills, why should my kid? – Concerned Parent

This segment is dedicated to the concerned parents out there. If you are reading this and are afraid to ask your parents, please refer them to this part of the course outline.

One of the biggest reasons I created this program is because I looked everywhere for help. I searched schools, I tried counselors, and repeatedly I talked to my parents. The issue that I ran into was that I always felt that “you just didn’t get it.”

I have a great number of things that I can attribute to my parents efforts of trying to create the best human being possible out of me (My work ethic I can attribute to my father as a dedicated Tradesman, and my spirit of never giving up can be attributed to my Mother for creating her ideal life) but there are always things that I have had to learn on my own.

Social skills were one thing that I could not seem to grasp from my parents because they didn’t have the answers I was looking for. This was not a reflection on their ability to parent/raise me.

Get Great Social Skills In High School is not a quick fix program. It is an 8-week program for a reason because nothing that I can teach can change anyone in an instant. As you are wiser and experienced in life and you understand that to improve anything in your life comes from consistent improvement over time.

Using what we have coined as DESISIVE VICTORY LEARNING we have taken the knowledge that your children need to grow socially and communicated it in a way that they will learn to teach themselves over time. This is learning Life Skills, not only Academic Skills.

As shown below with my personal guarantee to you and your child, if your student is not more confident, more social, and feeling more capable with people by the end of the school year, I will refund your investment, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Simply email me and tell me the challenges your son cannot overcome, and I will refund every penny.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Get Great Social Skills In High School?

Get Great Social Skills In High School is how-to super-manual for getting better friends, feeling socially confident, and a social edge on the world.

Who is this program for?

Get Great Social Skills In High School is a program specifically designed for students in High School who are struggling to make friends, are socially awkward, looking to talk to more girls, or just want to touch up on their already good social skills.

Why should I apply?

If you are a guy who feels lonely, socially incapable, or is not in control of your own social circle, I WANT you to apply. I was that guy and I would have killed for something like this when I was in high school!

What do I need?

You will need access to a computer with Internet access. I recommend using a notebook to take notes every week, as we will be going over a TON of knowledge bombs.

What is my guarantee?

If you go through my program, and you don’t feel more confident, and capable in social situations, you don’t accept yourself anymore then you did before, or you don’t have any closer relationships before the end of the school year, I’ll give you your investment back at NO RISK to you.

Can I take the program if I’m not in High School?

Absolutely! Although Get Great Social Skills In High School is specifically tailored to the High School Student demographic… the principles and techniques in this program are applicable to ANYONE at ANY AGE.

What happens if I miss a week?

Every week of the program NEW videos will be released to you. Once you have the video, you can’t lose it. You can go back and re-watch every video from previous weeks.

As a parent, is there anything I should be worried about?

Because Get Great Social Skills In High School is built around the idea of Social Dynamics, the main focus is on building relationships. This means that your son is learning how to connect better with others setting him up for the Real World where social skills count. The only thing you have to worry about is dealing with a happier and confident son.

*** Insert story about what happens to a kid without good social skills in high school ***

How It Works

Get Great Social Skills In High School is based off a teaching platform called:


According to Reginald William Revans, who studied at University of Cambridge and resigned from Manchester University, AR learning (Action Reflection Learning) can increase productivity and effectiveness of studying and understanding of new information and teaching involving various types of people.

He later concluded, “The conventional instructional methods were largely ineffective.”

***(He means the ones that are currently available to you)

Kingpin Social has over 3 YEARS experience of one on one coaching. We have developed effective teaching techniques creating LESS HASSLE and MORE FREE TIME for our students.

If you think of any effective student in school, are they worried about a lack of time?

DECISIVE VICTORY LEARNING is the combination of AR learning and our years of experience helping people like YOU develop their SOCIAL LIFE.

The Structure: We have refined the learning cycle down two three major sections, Understanding (Briefings), Action (Missions), and Reflection (Debriefings). These sections are grouped into a weekly Chapter with unique topic every week.


⇒ Get the knowledge and awareness of the things you are MISSING and NEED to know for your next step in your growth.
⇒ Set you up with the tools you will need for the week and your MISSION.
⇒ Fill in ANY of the GAPS that you may have with that chapter’s topic.
⇒ Create self-acceptance so that YOU understand the “how to” not just your friends.
⇒ Takes away the STRESS of “not knowing what to do”
⇒ I share my SECRETS on socializing and how I have achieved SOCIAL SUCCESS
with REAL LIFE examples and stories.
⇒ Learn how handle LOOKS & AWKWARDNESS.
⇒ Know “WHAT TO SAY” in conversations.
⇒ Get the GUIDANCE you need to feel CONFIDENT and CAPABLE.
⇒ Learn one new social TECHNIQUE every week!


⇒ Face your fears every week in the most COMFORTABLE way.
⇒ Practice what you’re learning in your REAL LIFE.
⇒ Improve your social life, WITHOUT leaving school.
⇒ Avoid “weird” or “awkward” situations.
⇒ BECOME socially adept and feel LESS stress.
⇒ Create more FREE TIME and less down time.


⇒ Reflect on your week’s MISSION and anything you may have missed.
⇒ Learn the right mindsets to skyrocket you to the next level of growth!
⇒ Breakdown any issues that come up learning the Chapter’s topic.
⇒ Set you up for Monday’s BRIEFING.
⇒ Fill in ANY gaps in understanding and applying the topic’s learned.

As my gift to you I have provided the first week’s Chapter for FREE. I want you to decide if this is for you and if you are someone who can benefit from GET GREAT SOCIAL SKILLS IN HIGH SCHOOL, without costing you a PENNY. If you would like to get the PDF for the BRIEFING, enter your email below for a no hassle, written overview of the Briefing so you MISS NOTHING.


Here is YOUR very first BRIEFING. Enjoy.



If you go through my program, and you don’t feel more confident, and capable in social situations, you don’t accept yourself anymore then you did before, or you don’t have any closer relationships before the end of the school year, I’ll give you your investment back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. This is my guarantee to you that you’re taking NO RISK.

I would love to hear what you think. I have been on the journey of personal and social growth for the past 5 years and love to connect with people on the same path.

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