Is Your Kid Addicted to Playing Video Games?

Did you know that repetitive play of video games has a similar effect on parts of your children’s brain as hard drugs (like cocaine) do?

So… you might be right! Your child might be addicted to video games!

With this Video Game Addiction Handbook for Parents, you are going to learn everything you need in order to get their child back on the track to success. 100% money back guarantee!


The handbook is divided into four different sections. Sections 1 and 2 cover:

  1. How the process of addiction works
  2. How video game addiction relates to other serious drug addictions
  3. The telltale signs of addiction you can notice in your child
  4. Questions you can ask your child to determine if they have a gaming problem

We understand that this process is difficult and in the final two sections of the book, we teach you:

  1. How to assess and determine what drives your child to play video games
  2. How to determine the best possible approach to replacing video games with much healthier,
    character-developing activities.
  3. How to help your child develop a healthy lifestyle
  4. How to deal with the challenges that come along with moving video games out of the forefront of their lives.
  5. What can go wrong during this process
  6. What to do if you end up in conflict situations with your child

Also included are answers to the questions that haunt you about your video game obsessed child and other answers critical for their success.

mb_gold_guarantee1With this handbook, you will have the answer to unleash the potential in your child and we can’t wait to see you do it.

We are confident you will get the answers you’re looking for that we offer a complete no questions asked 100% money back guarantee!

Your child has so much to offer the world and it would be a shame for them to spend their lives playing video games. Knowing that cookie cutter solutions are not useful for each individual family or child, we have taken that into account and designed this book to apply to your child.


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