Matt Chow

matt chow

“We’re in a marathon, not a sprint”

The world of health and wellness is packed with great information, bad information, and a lot of everything in between. To help us understand the concept of wellness and health it is important to be curious but to have educated skepticism as your Virgil to guide you safely through this Pangea of information.

My journey to seek the truth to health and wellness first started in the field of biological sciences, which revealed to me the microscopic menagerie of biochemical sequences and physical processes that enable us to exist as social beings. That thirst for knowledge led me into pharmaceutical sciences and eventually to become a pharmacist.

My appreciation for the amazing synchronization the body possesses in practically every action led me to develop passions in gymnastics and hand balancing, as well as branching off into kettle bells and yoga.

Through my journey with Social Dynamics I have enriched my own practice of life and as a health professional through knowledge exchange with the people I have met along the way. Their attitudes on health and wellness are inspiring and sometimes help to reveal another perspective I’ve never thought of. I encourage everyone to approach new knowledge with an open-mind, think for yourself, and take what you want from it.

I have encountered a common experience we all share with health and wellness—information overload. When it comes to your body and wellness, jumping on the bandwagon of the next best thing is not a rational solution, nor is it practical.

There is no magic pill (although depictions of our future world in movies and television fantasize the idea ad nauseum). Wellness and health is a process, a life discipline that, once you respect it, is guaranteed to pay you back in dividends in the form of life freedoms. Freedom from preventable illness sounds like a decent return for developing a good relationship with yourself don’t you think?

Although I may have knowledge and have an understanding of the language of medicine and health, I hope to inspire the people I meet and those who read my articles to take initiative to become more motivated to be educated, practical, and become more aware of their bodies.

You own your body for life – take care of it for yourself and take care of it well.

Matt Chow

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