Brian Kingpin SocialMy name is Brian Mark. I am a lifestyle enthusiast. I am a firm believer in living in the present moment, and bringing as much happiness as I can to every moment that I exist in. I believe my soul purpose is to be a positive influence on the world, I believe I was blessed with the friends and family to push me in the direction. I am a writer, a sober socialite and a passionate individual for whatever task it is at hand.

I believe I can make a difference in the world that we live in today. I believe we live in a positive world, and I believe we’ve been conditioned think that it’s negative, that opportunities are limited. I believe I am here to show myself that anything is possible, and inspire others along the way.

My goals include becoming a full time Kingpin Social Instructor, a full time Writer and travelling around the world experiencing the culture offered by other countries. In the next three months I’m going to be living in a house on my own, have two cats, one black, one white, and I’m going to be a full time Kingpin Social Instructor.

I want to help myself grow every single day, and by teaching myself, teaching others how to teach themselves. Every day is an opportunity to learn, and I want to continue to grow and learn for every day that I’m alive. I believe that happiness is the meaning of life, and I plan to spread not only my own but infect other people with happiness along the way.

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