Want Access to Private Articles on Electronic Communication?

The Continued ConnectionThe past few months have been spent developing our current best – selling product.

The Continued Connection: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Electronic Communication is now available on Kingpin Lifestyle for only $19.99. The book is an in depth guide to all elements of electronic communication; text messaging, email / Facebook and phone calls.

Purchasers of the Continued Connection receive free access to the Continued Connection Article Collection; a collection of articles that answers any and all questions about the book in a precise, consistent manner. This article collection will be consistently updated with everything you need to know about text / phone conversations.

Kingpin Lifestyle writers are awesome people, and we’re here today to give you access to the Continued Connection Article Collection for FREE! Exposure is all we ask for unlimited access to the password – protected article collection that will take your communication skills to the next level. Guaranteed to land you more dates, get you more friends and meet up with more business clients.

What are you waiting for? Access to the Continued Connection Article Collection is FREE! All you have to do is click the link and share us on Twitter or Facebook; and any and all questions about text and phone conversations will be answered within 14 days; the best questions chosen for articles in the collection.

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