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Social Dynamics is the Ultimate Video Game

Do you play video games? I do, and I have invested hours and hours of my time & energy into these games, unable to stop. The only thing that has replaced that urge to game non-stop is Social Dynamics. Want to live your life like a video game? Level up by watching this video blog.

For a very long time video games have been part of my life. I started playing way back when I was just a young “keester.” I started out like most of us just playing somebody else’s console (my dad’s) and continued to develop that relationship because video games gave me what I needed for so long. I even remember my dad telling me over and over “get off of the game and go play outside or go do something constructive with your time.” It wasn’t until recently I decided that playing video games is taking away more from my life than adding to it. Primarily this is because I decided to start playing the game of life.

In World of Warcraft alone there are 10.3 million subscribed gamers playing all at the same time. Thinking about how many people this is you can’t help but wonder what these people are actually gaining from these foreign, and imaginary worlds. It doesn’t make sense that someone would invest so much of their ultimate currency (time and energy) into something that has very little tangible value. The only reason I can say that I understand why gamers do it is because I am a gamer myself. I could not even begin to express how much of my own time and energy I’ve put forth into gaming, with very little in return.

I feel the reason why people are doing it isn’t because they are doing something that is just fun, but that they are filling a void of self-growth. The reason video games are so addictive is because they offer a way to fill that void of self-growth and move through life without wondering if they are living life to the fullest. Deep down inside of every person on the planet they have the fundamental mindset of getting better, or “leveling up.” I know through my struggles and experiences alone I have felt what it is like to level up. Mario gets bigger when he eats the mushroom, in “WoW” your character gets an ambient aura, in real life you get higher and higher levels of happiness and consciousness. Everything is calibrated to the levels of achievement (achievements) and experiences (experience points) one has.

My path towards levelling my “life game character” up began when I literally became attracted to a different kind of validation. Initially being attracted to “pickup” due to my insecurities with women I set out to improve that area of my life. It took me 4 years to finally par up my morals with my train of actions. This year I found Social Dynamics and it has power leveled my character up to the highest level that I have ever been with no signs of the power leveling to stop. Social Dynamics is the first thing to ever bring out the best in me and also bring out the best in other other people.

Even interacting with people in a video game is a simulation of how it is in real life. That instant satisfaction you get from developing a connection is so powerful! In this video blog I tie all the strings I can from real life to video games. You can really start to see which skill sets are worth developing and which are not. I also try to keep my video blogs to 5 minutes or so but this one was too big to even keep in under 10 minutes. Look for the parallels yourself.

Now that you’re back, it’s time to level up and leave a comment.

By Mikey B

Mikey B is soul bound to the journey of growth. His genuine intent to better the world drives every movement, choice, and solution that Mikey B comes up with. Backed by a large heart, he has no plans to ever give up on himself, his students or the new experiences in his life.

15 replies on “Social Dynamics is the Ultimate Video Game”

Hey mikey B i really want to say i enjoyed this post. I have been a video game addict all my life and have actually tried to look at my life like a video game, however, i get distracted from the big picture when getting flooded with the small things. How do you maintain your vision of looking at every experience as leveling up? do you write down a personal character sheet or something to keep track of the skills you are developing or something of a similar nature?

Thanks For Commenting BOSSKOHN!

For me I have a few different tools that I use to keep myself recieving feedback and using it as “experience points” to “level up.” The tool that has made the biggest difference in my life is accountability. A very good example is that if I see a person (guy or girl) that I want to talk to before I go I usually feel a point of anxiety. At this moment I logically ask myself if I will grow from approaching this person. Do I have something to gain from meeting this person. That way you know if you dont go your losing out on experience points.

If your losing out on experience points then your not leveling up to the level that you could fill your potential. For me I take a whiteboard that I have and create a 7 day calendar. On those seven days every day has a checkmark for every thing that I need to do that day ie: Give Value to One Girl. That is a daily check that I will give myself and then at the end of the week I will tally all my checks and see my score out fo the total possible checks that I could have given myself, or how much “experience” did I get today. You catching my drift?

Hey Mikey,

You completely blew my mind with this video. Earlier today I found Cam’s article quitting video games, and that really reached me too. Basically I felt exactly what you said in your video, and you punt my thoughts into words! I really like how you described how we should look at everything being a skill we can level up. Imagine the elder scrolls games with no skills…. Would we ever have played them? In the past year and a half I started playing starcraft 2, and I found I was leveling up myself as opposed to my character, which was much more fulfilling. But today you have helped me realize that that’s just a small fraction of the satisfaction we can all unlock in the game of life!

I’ll sign up for the newsletter and I’m eager to read the book. I’m sure I’ll talk to you again sometime, and keep spreading the value 😉

Hey Boris!

Thanks for commenting!

The feeling you have realizing that you can play Life like a video game is a personal moment that I will treasure forever.

I would love to hear some feedback on the other articles we have.

Great to have you on board Boris!

Hey Mikey,

2 months ago my GF broke up with me after a 5 year relationship, mainly because we were, as she called it, a drag.. Every day was the same. I didn’t live life, I didn’t experience anything. Conversations with me were boring, because I have nothing to tell people. After the breakup I wanted to do stuff, meet new people. At least, that were my intentions.

But, because I work from 9 to 5, and played videogames every night, I didn’t “have the time for it”.

Today I thought: Fuck it, I’m not playing video games anymore. It has taken over my life. From now on, the only game I play is the Game of Life! This article +video and (which I Googled to even get me started) inspired me deeply.

I’m ready to learn life-skills and earn life-experience and actually achieve something! I’m 23 years old and I’m gonna start to learn how to play Electric Guitar (which I always wanted to do, but didn’t “have the time for” due to video games).

I’m gonna call friends to hang out and go to clubs. Hundreds of times we said to eachother: “We should hang out once!”, then I replied: “Yea we should!”…
NO! From now on I ask: “How about next friday? And then lets go there and there.”

The new me has been born. Thanks to you and Cam.
Love you guys, keep up the good, inspiring work!


Hey Richard! I’m really happy that you are deciding to start taking control of your life. Sitting around and playing video games in the moment is great, but the repercussions are missing out on all the other experience points from life!

We have a post that just came out on the man’s perspective and the women’s perspective that I would love your feedback on brother.

Thanks a lot for commenting hombre.

Richard one of the biggest factors to changing up the way that I live my life is having people that have my back in my environment. Shoot me an email ( I would love to continue to help you out.

Necro post. I have always seen life as video game too. One thing that would help is i have no social skills i never know what to say, like every one says to ask about the person im talking to but it never works so just wondering how do keep a conversation going.

For your next vlog try to like stay in a lit up area because i couldnt see your face.
Loved the dk country theme song

Hey Neet!

Thanks for the comment.

The thing is(and it is easier said then done) that it doesn’t matter what you say it matters how and why you say something. I don’t think asking the person your talking to what to say is a great strategy because if you don’t have anything to contribute to the conversation, even if the person tell you what to say, your still not contributing anything to the conversation.

As hard as that sounds it is easier to say the wrong thing and learn from it rather then just say nothing at all. A saying that has helped me in many of my challenges is “the only thing worse then making the wrong decision is making no decision at all.” It is more important to know that you can and will fail but you are capable of learning and surpassing the current social challenges you are going through(Leveling up your social skills :D)

I would love to talk more about this over Skype sometime if there is something more I can help you with.

My email is Feel free to shoot me an email so we can fix this for ya and get you leveling up.

PS: Thanks for the DK music compliment 🙂

Hey Mikey!

Thanks for the post, it was out of this world amazing. I knew going with this website was the way to go 😀

This video actually changed me, I LOVE the idea of the whole “experience” thing and “skill-set”, they are actually applicable to normal life. I do understand those terms fully as I have been playing many games that involved leveling up, but mainly “Runescape”. “Runescape” has a ALOT to do with leveling up in different skills and techniques, and now I can see that I can turn my life into a “Runescape” life and make myself the character leveling up in different skills and techniques! I honestly love it!

After watching this video, I decided yes I will get out of my comfort zone and I will talk to girls. Totally worked out man! I probably leveled up in the “girl socialzing zone” cause I scored a skype chat with a girl I met online today 😀

Thanks again Mikey and the rest of the people at kingspinlifestlyle! I really appreciate the help. I will continue to level up further and further!

P.S Like others I came here with Cam’s “quit video games forever”
P.S P.S Nice Donkey Kong Country Music 😀


I loved reading this comment.

I know for you and I know that we can see how we LOVE to level up. We technically speaking, LOVE to level up. I’m happy that you got a lot out of this post. I know that doing it was a big step for me realizing how I can take myself more seriously. This transitioned over to how I see women and how I can make a difference in that part of my life.

That’s awesome that you are Skyping with some cutie 😉

As I have worked with others that commented on this post, I want to extend the same offer to share some of my struggles, how I overcame them, and how you can build on what you have started with.

Shoot me an Email with your availability/timezone. My email is

Talk to you soon broheme!


I’m quite awkward in social situations and have never had many friends but I’ve always found comfort, belonging and gratification in video games. I put 100+ days into Runescape when I was back in high school and more recently have played FPS’s (mainly BOps) and currently Warframe.

Like many of the other commenters I came here from ‘How to quit playing video games forever’, which began as one of the internet searches I periodically do when I have a momentary spark to improve my life. Generally the spark fades fairly quickly and I’ll be back to video gaming and avoiding social interaction whenever possible. This time probably would have been pretty similar but at the end of your video you directed us to take a small step and leave a comment.

At first I half-heartedly took your advice and read through some of the comments and scrolled down to the bottom to leave a comment… but then I thought ‘What’s the point in leaving a comment which has no value and makes me look stupid?’ and exited the tab. Then I realised if I can’t leave a mostly anonymous message on an internet article how could I take any real steps at improving my life? In response I promptly reopened the tab and began writing.

Funnily enough I feel a sense of accomplishment and self-respect for writing this and feel as though it is a step (although very small) towards improving my life.

Thank you for video blog and your small request to leave a comment.


@ James – Thanks for commenting! As you’ve seen by others who have commented, feeling awkward in social situations and not having very many friends is very common. BUT, the good news, is that it’s entirely possible to change this!

Just like you were able to take a baby step by leaving your comment, this same approach will work to help you improve your social skills. What’s a small step you could take on that this week?

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