6 Lessons to Keep in Mind When Shit Happens.

by Myke Macapinlac

Life can get pretty crazy sometimes. Life likes to throw you curveballs. Shit happens. I’ve had a lot of shit happen to me too, but this post isn’t about moping about giving each other sympathy cards. Inside you will find 6 lessons I’ve learned from the shit that’s happened to me, and I believe it can help when shit happens to you. Find out more inside.

The Social Gym: The First Bootcamp

by Brian
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Day 12 of the Social Gym brought the first bootcamp through Social Gym. In this bootcamp I discovered more about the core of communication, emotion, and how the ego numbs your emotion to keep you away from fear (and success).

My Secret Weapon for Building Connections and Taking Them to the Next Level

by Cam
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A few days ago I wrote about how “the results you are looking for aren’t measured in phone numbers, make-outs or lays, but in connections.” At the end of my post I promised to reveal my secret weapon for building connections and taking them to the next level. So what is the secret? Come inside to find out.

What Separates Success from Failure?

by Brian
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After finishing Up to This Point, a book by Kingpin Social, Kevin and I had a talk about success, happiness, life in general. There are two types of people in this world: there are people that talk about somebody, and there are people who decide to be somebody. Talking, doing, these things are both choices.

The ‘Squeezed Puppy’ Effect: How You Kill Your Dating Life

by Jamie

Have you ever been “seeing” a guy/girl and felt like they were coming on a little too strong, too fast? Me too. So when I had a friend recently ask me: “Why do guys always want you once your almost completely out of the relationship?” I knew it was the perfect topic to write about. Check inside to make sure you aren’t making this mistake!

What You Are Actually After, And How to Stop Wasting Your Time Doing Stupid Shit

by Cam
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Making the full switch to Social Dynamics has brought a few interesting problems. One of which being: “What should my goals be when I go out?” This problem stumped me for awhile but recently I was finally able to find the answer. This is a game changer. Don’t miss out.

Become the Intelligent Conversationalist

by Brian
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“93% of your communication is Non – Verbal, only 7% is Verbal”. I’m sure we’ve all heard that before. No one has taken the time to dive into the other 93% of communication though. In this article I dive in avid detail to the other 93% of communication, and how you can use it to make you an intelligent conversationalist.

How Astrology Helps You Determine Perception of Value

by Jamie

Life comes down to the relationships you keep. Relationships come down to an exchange of value, and value is relative to an individuals perception of value. So how can we improve our ability to determine someone’s perception of value besides asking the necessary questions? How about studying a person’s astrological sign? Find out more inside.

How Many Girls Have You Slept With?

by Myke Macapinlac
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“Me too!” She replies when you told her how much you love pugs! It’s 3:35am. You have to be up in 3 hours for work. Fuck it. You’re on the phone with a cutie you’ve been seeing for a couple weeks now. The chat is going well. You’ve read the same books by Malcolm Gladwell and Dale Carnegie. Both of […]