How To Avoid Missing Opportunities.

by Myke Macapinlac
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You got your approach down. You’ve done it a million times. Despite that, you still manage to miss out on opportunities with women. How do you avoid this? Check out this article.

Job Security is a Farce

by Cam
job security

The other day on Facebook, I saw a comment someone posted suggesting that instead of working hard and getting paid accordingly, you should “join a union” so “it doesn’t make a difference if the next guy in line is Jesus Christ himself.” This guys definition of success was “job security and lots of benefits.” I couldn’t disagree more. Find out why, and what you should focus on instead, inside.

My Thoughts on Hook – Ups

by Brian
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Hook – ups seem to be the popular theme in today’s world.I can say that I was once on the bandwagon of hook – ups, encouraging and pursing them. This week has brought an interesting lesson to the surface.

The Missing Piece of the Process

by Cam
rubex cube

Everybody knows how important it is to focus on the process in order to accomplish your goals. But are people missing the key piece of this puzzle? Inspired by a friend of mine, inside I take a look at that missing piece, and ask if society as a whole is missing the boat. Come inside to have your say.

The “One” Syndrome: A Caution for Relationships.

by Jamie

The honeymoon stage is a killer for two reasons. Once you get in the honeymoon stage a lot of men and woman have a hard time getting out of it resulting in what I like to call “The One Syndrome.” Read more about the Symptoms of this common relationship killer and how you can work towards building healthier and stronger relationships.

Developing the Most Important Relationship: Success Guaranteed

by Brian
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Life is all about relationships, the study of Social Dynamics is about improving all of the relationships in your life. The most important relationship in your life is not your family, or your friends, or your romantic interest. This article covers the single most important relationship to develop in your life.

What Your Clothes Say.

by Myke Macapinlac
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The clothes you wear are an external reflection of who you are. Is the image you are currently portraying congruent to that? Did you know the image you portray will have a serious impact on the people you attract? Come inside to find out more.

How to Use Google Calendar to Take Your Lifestyle to the Next Level

by Cam
Google Calendar

Last year I started using one tool that dramatically increased my level of productivity and organization, allowing me to get more out of life to do what I want to do. What is the one tool I recommend most for someone looking to take their lifestyle to the next level? Find out inside.

A Leap of Faith; the Lessons of One Year

by Brian
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It’s been a year since I’ve decided to dedicate myself to the path of self – development. This past year has brought success, failure, ambition, passion, hate, love, self – esteem but most importantly; valuable lessons. One is only as old as their experiences, and my environment has caused the experiences in my life to surface the wisdom of age.