The Moment of Weakness: How My Friend’s Suicide Changed My Life.

by Sergey
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In the comments section of Taking Remembrance Day to the Next Level., Sergey, a student of Kingpin Social shared the inspirational story of his life that happened after his friend committed Suicide in 1992. Life has never been the same for him. I asked Sergey if it would be ok for me to post the story as a blog post for everyone to see, and he happily agreed.

Why Men Should Cry: How Being Emotional Leads To A Better Connection.

by Jamie

We all have heard of this idea that men and women are separate in the way that men tend to be more logical and women more emotional. We are all great, and we all have the abilities to tap in to both a logical and emotional state of mind. Learn why being more emotional can lead to better relationships with not only yourself but with women too. Click here to read more.

The Key to Unlocking Passion

by Brian
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Passion is like love; in-explainable, in-describable, unable to explain linguistically. Finding the process to obtaining passion though, is alot easier than explaining the emotion itself.

Do You Really Need That?

by Myke Macapinlac
Pile of clothes

What’s the ratio of the clothes you own to what you actually wear? Are you disappointed with the amount of money you’ve wasted? But retail therapy feels good right? If you could take everything back, where would you have rather invested your money in? Check out this article before you hit up the mall and go shopping.

Taking Remembrance Day to the Next Level.

by Cam
remembrance day vietnam memorial wall

November 11th is an important date in your calendar every year. It’s a day to remember those that are no longer with us, and what they have sacrificed. But I like to take it a step further, and also remember those that are. It’s important to be thankful for both, because these are the relationships that have shaped your environment in the past, and continue to shape it going forward.

The Game of Life

by Brian
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In this world there are three types of people. There are the people who think, and there are the people who work for the thinkers. There is also the people who think, and work for themselves.

Where Social Dynamics Needs to Start

by Jamie

Kingpin Lifestyle has amazing lessons and great wisdom for you to meditate on, but most importantly they are there for you to take ACTION, to take that information and to challenge yourself with what you have learnt. What Social Dynamics teaches us is that Life = Relationships. I think the missing puzzle is that it needs to start with… Click to read more! 😉

Life and Lessons of Joe Frazier, RIP

by Cam
joe frazier muhammad ali

On November 7th, 2011 former Olympic Gold Medalist and Undisputed World Heavyweight Boxing Champion “Smokin’ Joe” Frazier passed away. Joe Frazier’s story is an inspiration to millions worldwide. So what can we learn from his life to apply in our own? Find out inside.

The Two Fundamentals of Social Dynamics

by Brian
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Social Dynamics is a term tossed around by most people these days, the ever – changing ways in which we communicate being studied and understood. Understanding communication is a deep concept that we may never wrap our hands around, but communication starts with two simple concepts.