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The Battle of the Sexes: Are We Really As Different As We Think?

Gender biases are complicated issues that many people don't even realize they ascribe to. In today's day and age, things are repeated over and over so that these sentiments will be accepted as truths. However, many of these truths are not in fact accurate. The aim of this article is to aid in remedying one of the biggest misconceptions in present society. Let's make men and women one species again.


Kingpin Lifestyle has been around since March of last year and since then we've talked about "relationships". This article is to separate any intimacy from the term and show you how to build relationships that bring you the results you desire.

Mind the Gap

Within our World there exists a gap. What is this gap and why is it so important to understand? On February 7th, 2012 the Second Edition of our online magazine "Kingpin Culture" will be going out for free to all e-mail subscribers. Unsure if Social Dynamics is for you? Unsure if Social Dynamics is as important as we know it is? Want to help fix the gap that exists? Learn more inside.