Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight

by Mikey B

Mikey BWelcome to this episode of The Mikey B Show. This week I wanted to talk a bit about a quote that I had read recently in the book “The Alchemist.” The author says, “The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times, and get up eight.” I felt like sharing this idea would bring a lot of genuine value to the people! The idea made sense to me because I have fallen time after time in my life and the only difference between then and now is that I am standing.

The one thing that I failed to recognize is that it doesn’t matter how many times you fall only that you get up once more then you have fallen. That means that every time you fall, every time you feel like giving up you just have to think to yourself that it doesn’t matter if you have fallen or not but just rather get up and keep going. If you’re up then you can actually be proactive in your life. Even if you are improving by .001% you are still improving.

Watch this week’s episode below where Cam and myself drop some knowledge bombs.

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About Mikey B
Mikey B is soul bound to the journey of growth. His genuine intent to better the world drives every movement, choice, and solution that Mikey B comes up with. Backed by a large heart, he has no plans to ever give up on himself, his students or the new experiences in his life.

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