Lesson 6: Value vs. Relationships

by Kevin
kingpin social curriculum lesson 6

By understanding the correlation between the types of value (needs) and the types relationships created from these value exchanges, it is possible to give each and every relationship in your life more purpose and more direction. Find out how in Lesson 6.

Lesson 5: Human Needs

by Kevin
kingpin social curriculum lesson 5 human needs

Without an understanding of what values exist and are being exchanged among people, it is very difficult to know the direction that each relationships is headed, let alone the purpose of these relationships. To change this we need to understand what a human values, and this is the topic of Lesson 5.

Lesson 4: Understanding Value

by Kevin
lesson 4 understanding value kingpin social

If relationships are all based of an exchange of value, then understanding the types of values we exchange is essential for understanding the types of relationships we ultimately create. So what types of value do we need to exchange in order to develop positive relationships? Find out in Lesson 4.

Lesson 3: Relationships = Math

by Kevin
lesson 3 kingpin social curriculum

Math is a universal language. By developing the ability to understand relationships by building parallels to the relationship nature of mathematics, much can be learned. In lesson 3 you will learn how to use this concept to your advantage.

Lesson 2: Building Parallels Between Relationships

by Kevin

Human beings are creatures of habit and patterns. In lesson 2 we talk about the parallels between relationships and how if you’re good at one thing you can build parallels between it and other relationships to develop them too. Check out the video for more.

Lesson 1: The Importance of Relationships

by Kevin
kingpin social curriculum relationships

When most people think of the word, Relationships, they think of dating. But looking at the true definition of the word, we can see it applies in many other areas. Check out this video to learn why the concept of Relationships is the most important concept you could ever learn.